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Is Victoria UK's worst station?

Jenny Hill takes a look around Manchester Victoria station

Manchester Victoria has been named as the railway station in the UK most in need of urgent improvement.

A report by former Virgin Trains chief executive Chris Green and Town and Country Planning Association president Sir Peter Hall put it top of a list of stations that have been "left behind".

It tested customer satisfaction levels and found only 32 percent of people using Victoria were happy with it.

Also making the top ten were Stockport, Wigan North and Warrington Bank Quay.

Transport Secretary Lord Adonis said that "more needs to be done to improve conditions and services for passengers at stations."

Manchester Victoria Station
The station boasts impressive architecture but falls short on facilities

He went on to say that he wants "every station to be a good station - a hub of local community life and somewhere that you wouldn't mind spending time."

As a result, Lord Adonis has announced that the top ten stations will share £50m of fundings to improve facilities such as car parks and shops, saying that he supports "the report's recommendations of minimum standards for stations."

Adding: "I intend to make these minimum standards a requirement in future rail franchise agreements with train operating companies."

Truly the worst?

While it may lack the facilities of the nearby Piccadilly, is Victoria really the worst station in the UK or even the worst in our region?

Do you agree with the authors of the report or do you spend time on what you consider to be a much worse platform every morning? Send us your thoughts.

Your comments

If not the worst, certainly an appalling introduction to the city. Leaking or non-existent roofing. Old rolling stock so any public address announcement is drowned by the thrumming of diesel engines. Tired decoration - even the crowning glories, the war memorial and the tiled map of the Victorian rail network, are faded. The frontage should be spectacular but nothing is made of it and the majority of passengers make their way to and from the station past the gents' loo out towards the Co-op buildings through a totally anonymous 'gate' - you could not call it an entrance. (Still, one up on Piccadilly, the loos are free) Crowded beyond belief at peak times and sad and empty at others. Even the Metrolink platform suffers from the same malaise. Just look at people's faces as they struggle to get on or off trains - where's the sense of wonder and joy a great building can inspire? All you feel is depressed, as you are rushed from platform to platform as trains are re-platformed often without notice in peak times.
Mr R Newton

I agree with Mr Newton - I don't know about 'the worst' but it's certainly pretty unpleasant. The holey roof means there are stagnant puddles everywhere, litter (never swept up apparently) turns into stinking papier mache underfoot; everything is covered in dirt; the 'concourse' is so cluttered you can't see the destination boards or even walk through without having to edge round obstructions; you can't hear the announcements; the Metrolink platforms are like a cattle corral; the once beautiful domed buffet is dirty and depressing; the entrance is cramped and looks like a 1970s underpass... and yes, I've missed trains because they change the platform at the last second and you need to be an Olympic athlete to get up and down those stairs with luggage. Even the magnificent frontage and tiled map look tired and run-down. If this was my first impression of Manchester, I wouldn't be impressed. Four 'd's for this one: Dank, Dirty, Dismal, and Depressing.
Kath Wyatt, Salford

With my local station being Stalybridge I have the option of travelling into either Piccadilly or Victoria when I go into Manchester. While there are more trains going into Victoria, I will always try and avoid these services. I remember, not that long ago (maybe around the time of the MEN being built) Victoria had a bit of a facelift but it needs and deserves so much more.
Mark Woodhead, Stalybridge

With its leaking roof and lack of facilities, this station is a disgrace to Manchester. I recall even the Arndale Bus Station was better than this!
Chris, Manchester

Victoria Station needs the glass screens cleaning, the toilets upgrading, the roof fixing and that horrible red paint removing from the cafe. How expensive would that be?
Kath Grundy, Bolton

Victoria Station as it stands is in need of a complete overhaul. I walked through the main concourse on Wednesday morning and there were at least 6 or 7 wet areas on the ground due to the roof.
Paul Harper, Manchester

Victoria station is nowhere near the worst station in the UK. I think Irlam station is the worst and has been for a few years. The station building has closed down, the platform has no screens informing you of what is happening. After it appeared on the news a few years ago, they spruced it up (very badly) with a shelter and a bench but the place still feels very unsafe and uninviting which makes everyone want to drive into town.
Catherine, Irlam

Yes Victoria is in need of repair but I sincerely hope that there are no plans to remove or alter the wonderful tiles around the buffet and the tiled map of the railways. The Victorian facade should also be saved.
Ann Dinsdale, St Helens

The worst decision made was to plonk the Arena on top. Now there is no room for expansion or to redesign the area. The station is a horrible place to visit, there is nowhere to sit and it's also incredibly noisy. The worst aspect has to be the buffet bar, it stinks of cheap bar. It looks cheap, tacky and really is a disgrace.
J Thomas, Aylesbury

If you really want a poor quality station in Manchester, look no further that Oxford Road. It hasn't been touched in living memory, so far as I can see.
Pam, Manchester

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