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Page last updated at 15:39 GMT, Friday, 14 January 2011
Manchester's Run Toto Run open 2011 in a Lull
Run Toto Run

Watch the video for Run Toto Run's This Is A Lull

Electro-pop trio Run Toto Run have said they faced a "mathematical nightmare" while making the video for their new song, This Is A Lull.

The film saw director Christopher Poole playing with the speed of the track to create interesting effects.

Singer Rachael Kichenside explained "it's essentially one continuous take which involves messing with the time."

Adding: "The movements increase in speed then drop into slow motion, but the lips stay in sync in normal time."

The band, who Rachael said spent last year "cementing who we were musically", have a busy year planned for 2011, starting with the release of This Is A Lull.

Rachael of Run Toto Run
We're going to go into 2011 all guns blazing, playing everywhere we can and getting as much music out there
Rachael Kichenside, Run Toto Run

But for all their planning, Rachael said the video for the single was something of a "happy accident."

"It came at the end of a day of filming the video for what will be our next single and the director said to us, 'I've got another idea, do you have another song?'

"Thankfully, we did, and his idea was essentially one continuous take which involved messing with the time.

"It doesn't look that complex, watching it, but was a mathematical nightmare for Christopher."

To give some idea of the nightmare, the director has put the real-time footage of the one take online , and Rachael said that watching that reveals the truth of the shoot, as "if you fast forward to the end, it's pure comedy, with us moving to a ridiculously sped up track."

'Begging, borrowing and taking back'

The promo also shows the set within which it was filmed, something that Run Toto Run intentionally wanted including, as they "like it when you can see how things are done."

Rachael said that showing of the techniques showcases the "begging, borrowing and taking back" approach the band have to making videos.

"There were several friends on set helping out and, as per usual with us, it's all about creative people, getting together and finding creative means to get stuff done in the absence of a big label bankrolling things.

"I've a sneaking suspicion the fans we used may have been purchased then taken back to the shop the next day."

Run Toto Run
This Is A Lull is about "facing extreme difficulty and overcoming it"

Rachael added that the band were very pleased with the result and think the director has "got his work cut out to make the video we spent all day filming better than this one, but that should be ready in the not too distant future and I think he's got a few more tricks up his sleeve."

Those tricks will show off one of Run Toto Run's next two releases, as the trio have a single and an EP coming out "sometime around Easter" on a couple of indie labels, which, as Rachael put it, "will be really nice, as it's great that they believe in what we're doing."

After that, she said, it's going to be a case of seeing where the year takes them.

"There's been a massive development as a band and we're going to go into 2011 all guns blazing, playing everywhere we can and getting as much music out there.

"We know where we are now and will just carry one having fun and being creative with it."

This Is A Lull is out in late January

Run Toto Run play Friends of Manchester Festival at Jabez Clegg on Sat 29 Jan and An Outlet on Thurs 3 Feb


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