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Brown Brogues and Plastic Zoo drink to a debut single
Brown Brogues

Watch the video for Brown Brogues' Treet U Beta

Garage punk duo Brown Brogues have admitted the idea for their debut video was to have "a drinking competition and film the whole sorry affair."

The pair took filmmakers Sam Alder and Toby Potter to Swinley Labour Club to make the Treet U Beta promo.

Brown Brogues' Mark Vernon said the venue was chosen because it was "the cheapest place we could think of to drink."

He added they "ran out of money so [Sam and Toby] just filmed us having fun."

Brown Brogues
We were asked what we sounded like a lot and, after trying to explain what garage rock was, we just said we sound like the Beatles
Mark Vernon, Brown Brogues

Brown Brogues have worked with Sam and Toby before, as the pair run media company Plastic Zoo and filmed the band playing a track in the toilets of Fallowfield's The Corner for their guerrilla music video site, Manchester Scenewipe.

Having had fun making that film, the two pairs came together again for this video, which Mark said was equally enjoyable, even if the club's regulars didn't quite know what to make of them initially.

"They found it a bit strange at first, two guys filming two other guys drinking and dancing but they were curious creatures.

"When a couple of them found we were doing a video, word spread fast and they all wanted to take part - if you look closely towards the end of the video you can see one woman constantly trying to get in shot.

"No joke, we danced with every old lady in there.

"Ben's grandad used to be the club treasurer so when the owner found that out and we explained what we were doing, he was fine with the whole thing."

'Filmed having fun'

Mark said he and fellow Brown Brogues man, Ben Mather, had visited the club before and said that, apart from the price of the drinks, their memory of its interior was also a selling point to using the Labour Club as a venue.

"Inside was really cool and old the last time we'd been in - it's been done up since, but the big room is still cool.

Brown Brogues
Brown Brogues were big hits at 2010's In The City

"We went to a few pubs in Wigan, then they started filming in the Swinley.

"We hit the rum and black as it was very cheap, but then ran out of money, so they just filmed us having fun."

Such an approach could only have one conclusion, though Mark said that he was relatively okay the following day, though he did admit to a few knocks he couldn't explain.

"I was fine [the next day], though both my knees were sore and I had bruises on my chest.

"Ben was poorly sick a few times though and he had a swollen wrist from a drunken boxing match that didn't make the cut.

"I can't remember most of it but the video brings some of it back."

Despite having so much fun, Mark admitted that he didn't actually play anyone involved in the video any of the Brown Brogues' music for one simple reason.

"I didn't think they would like it.

"We were asked what we sounded like a lot and, after trying to explain what garage rock was, we just said we sound like the Beatles."

Whether or not he was right, they'll never know, but the pair's sound is turning heads much further afield than their native Wigan and Mark said they have big plans ahead.

"We're playing our first show in London on Thursday and then two shows in Manchester at the end of January.

"Soon after, we are going to America for a couple months - got some shows booked in New York, Chicago and SXSW.

"We're currently trying to get one in New Orleans, as it'll be Mardi Gras when we're there, and sort some shows on the west coast.

"Then when were back hopefully do some more vinyl."

If the response to Treet U Beta is anything to go by, the growing number of Brown Brogues fans will be more than ready for that next release when it arrives.

Brown Brogues' Don't' Touch My Hair/Treet U Beta is released on Suffering Jukebox

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