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Becca Williams reveals her childhood ambitions in song

Becca & the Broken Biscuits' Train Driver

Singer-songwriter Becca Williams has revealed what she wanted to be when she grew up in her new song, Train Driver.

The track, which is released with her band The Broken Biscuits, details the jobs she dreamed of doing as an adult, including the titular profession.

She admitted that she has "wanted to be many things in my life, none of which have come to fruition, which is the idea of the song."

She added "there is still time though, so I'm not giving up quite yet."

'Secret agent to ballet dancer'

The song features a video filmed on board a bus travelling through south Manchester, with the singer surrounded by members of her band, her record label and her friends.

Becca said the idea was to film it in a guerrilla style, without official permission from the bus company, but that they gave themselves away almost as soon as they got on board.

Becca Williams
Music is my truest passion, something I'll never give up on
Becca Williams

"We were trying to be surreptitious, but when I asked the bus driver for ten day tickets and handed him over £30, I think he thought we were bonkers.

"That said, we didn't get chucked off, even when we stayed on the same bus back to Chorlton, so all's good!"

The bus ride was a metaphor for Becca's ongoing journey through life, one which began with her childhood in Wales, where she dreamed of being everything from a secret agent to a ballet dancer if the song is to be believed.

Becca said that every job she included in the lyrics really was something she wanted to be and that she "could tell you the reasons behind each one but it'd be a long story."

Adding: "That said, on the evening of filming the video, I turned on the telly and on came 'The Abyss', which was the origin of me wanting to be a deep sea diver.

"I've wanted to be many things in my life, none of which have come to fruition, which is the idea of the song.

"There is still time though, so I'm not giving up quite yet."

'Truest passion'

The one job missing from the list is that of a musician, which Becca admitted wasn't actually something she ever dreamt of being in childhood.

"Funnily enough, the idea to be a musician didn't happen until I was about 14.

"I had guitar lessons at that age and it was the only hobby that stuck with me.

"Music is my truest passion, something I'll never give up on.

Louis and Joel
Louis Barabbas and Broken Biscuits' Joel are two of the cameos in the film

"The concept of doing it professionally is something that has developed naturally - it's just become what it is, and I love it."

That said, there are parts of being a pop musician that don't appeal to her - not least of which is the industry itself.

"I have very strong feelings about the pop industry.

"I love pop music - when it works, it really works and does what it's supposed to do, which is empower people and make them feel something, whatever that is, incredibly strongly.

"What annoys me nowadays is how programmes like X Factor drain the essence out of it.

"It's become a money and star-making process that does nothing but avoid music completely and focuses merely on sensationalising the ordinary.

"Pop music doesn't need to grow up, but the industry does."

Becca & the Broken Biscuits' Train Driver is out now on Debt Records

Becca & the Broken Biscuits play BBC Introducing In Manchester Live at the Ruby Lounge on Friday 26 November. Entry is free

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