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Levenshulme hosts Sophie's Pigeon's Monkey's Trunkle
Sophie's Pigeons

Sophie's Pigeons' Monkey's Trunkle

Piano-pop four piece Sophie's Pigeons have declared their new video as the first shot in Levenshulme.

The band, who are about to release their debut mini album Names and Pictures, filmed in the area simply because it is where they are from.

Singer Sophie Sveinsson said that they "belong to the Levenshulme, so it's only right that we shot it there."

The video is for the album track, Monkey's Trunkle, which she described as a "rich get richer sort of thing."

The mini album is released on Red Deer Club, a label who are also resident in the area.

Sophie said that, as a result, they couldn't have chosen anywhere else to base their video, especially when they realised it would be the district's debut - or, as she put it, "I think it is anyways."

That said, Sophie admitted that the shoot "was such a long day - especially after the nerves kept me awake the night before - but I loved it."

The perils of pizza

The film takes in Sophie's own house, a location which she explained had thrown up one major issue.

Sophie's Pigeons
Names and Pictures features six of Sophie's Pigeons songs

"I was petrified when they started to plug in the massive lights into my plugs.

"They were that powerful, you could not put any electrical appliance on or they would trip the whole house.

"Duncan (Sime, Red Deer Club's mainstay) learned this by trying to cook pizza in the middle of the shoot!"

That aside, Sophie said that they had a "brilliant day" making the promo, so much so that it left her somewhat emotional in the aftermath.

"I cried the day after because I had so much fun.

"But every emotion we all went through was worth it.

"I loved shooting it and the final product exceeded my expectations."

'A sad song'

Interestingly, the sunshine-soaked film and the upbeat rhythm of the song within it are actually somewhat at odds with the subject matter of the lyrics.

Sophie explained that it is "about a Romanian lad I met in a little town in North Romania."

"It's quite sad, but the story goes that he was begging for money and some older lads made him do tricks for money.

"That's is the literal meaning and influence, but read it as you wish.

"It is a sad song really - the rich get richer sort of thing.

"I just started writing it one day when I was thinking about him."

All of which explains everything, except one of the words in its title - the unfathomable Trunkle.

Sophie said that there is no mystery to the word and that explaining it is quite simple.

"It is a word that Phil (Sykes, the band's percussionist) heard once.

"It slipped out of his mate's mouth.

"I am not going to try and put some big philosophical explanation into it - that's it!"

Names and Pictures is out on Red Deer Club on Monday 6 December

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