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Caro Snatch's 'palette' takes in mix of 'talented folk'
Caro Snatch
Caro Snatch is the stage name of Caroline Churchill

Electronica experimenter Caro Snatch has ditched her solo status for her new album, Til You're No Longer Blinkered.

The record is the sound artist's second full-length release and has seen her working with numerous Manchester musicians in its recording.

She said the collaborations came about because she "wanted to mistress recording and mixing as many different instruments as possible."

She added that "all the talented folk I asked were up for contributing."

The album is the follow-up to Caro's 2006 debut 'es muss sein', released during her time living in Berlin.

Since then, the Newcastle-born musician has made her home in Manchester and found inspiration in the city's music scene.

'Blending or juxtaposing'

She said that the idea of working with so many musicians - 20 contribute to the album - wasn't a planned decision, but something that "just evolved".

"I think on my last EP, I started inviting talented friends to play on a track.

It is a themed album, both lyrically and in terms of engineering styles, and that theme can be best summarised as 'nurture thyself'
Caro Snatch

"I was at engineering school at the time and wanted to mistress recording and mixing as many different instruments as possible.

"I guess I may have also got to the point where I wanted to expand beyond my own palette of sounds.

"I just knew what each track needed to complete its story as best I could and then all the talented folk I asked were up for contributing.

"I like the mix of electronic elements and production styles blending or juxtaposing with more acoustic timbres."

The result of such a mix makes for a diverse album, though Caro said it is brought together by one defining subject, which is in keeping with the world it is being released into.

"It is a themed album, both lyrically and in terms of engineering styles, and that theme can be best summarised as 'nurture thyself'.

"I find this quite a convincing argument at present, as the more we help ourselves and develop our inner landscape, the healthier and happier we can be for our own lives and those who we connect with."

'Personal is universal'

That theme also served as her muse for the actual lyrics of the album, as she explained that her inspiration "comes from befriending that inner landscape and then transmuting that to become something that has many meanings to different folk."

Caro Snatch
Caro has been making music for over a decade

Put simply, she said, it is about "hoping that the personal is universal and all that."

The album title also picks up the idea too, though Caro admitted that she "was going to call it 'love yourself til you're no longer blind', but I thought better of it. "

Interestingly, alongside her own work, the album finishes with two remixes she has done recently - one for folk artist Beccy Owen and the other for fellow electronica act Frau Aike.

She said she'd included them because "it's not all about me all the time."

Adding: "These tracks I was actually quite pleased with and felt they fit with the album's theme - in terms of intention, lyrics, sonics and mood.

"And I thought it might be interesting to have a remix coda to hopefully enjoy other aspects of my musical creativity."

They also show off another way that she has been working with other artists in her continuing drive for musical evolution and show as clearly as her own tracks that precede them that Caro Snatch remains one of Manchester's most unique musical assets.

Til You're No Longer Blinkered is released through Bandcamp



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