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Introducing tracklist (17/10/10)

Performance - International
A Boy Called Doris - Earthworm
Hans Island - You've Been Told

Tizyosh - Winter Sun
The Janice Graham Band - Sugar Me Tea
HeavyFeet ft. Rod Hotly & Kid Bliss - Last Two People

In session: John Fairhurst
John Fairhurst - Berkman House (acoustic)
John Fairhurst - Lost My Mind (acoustic)
John Fairhurst - Pay Day

BigFinn - The Girl With The Glow
Becca & the Broken Biscuits - Train Driver
Young Archie Assignment - On Tonight

My Side Of The Mountain - Heavy Heart
A Boy Called Doris - Alligator
Samson & Delilah - Black Dog

In conversation: The Answering Machine
The Answering Machine - Animals

Seerauber Jenny - Prospector Baddest (acoustic)
We Are Willow - Hard Lines
Spokes - We Can Make It Out

In conversation: Factory Foundation Recordings
Suzuki Method - Purple Aki
Silverclub - All In All

The Kill Van Kulls - Wooden Heart
D/R/U/G/S - Love/Lust
A Boy Called Doris - Tiny Shoes

Jeanie In The Radiator - Devil's Little Finger
Educated Thugz - She Got It All
MAY68 - The Prisoner

Shmoo - Waves
Everything Everything - Schoolin'
Drunken Munks - Ding Dong

Introducing Live: BBC Introducing at In The City

Ruth Theodore - Overflow (live)
Seerauber Jenny - Push It Away (live)
The Steals - Stay In Silence (live)
Dry The River - History Book (live)
Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam - Finders Keepers (live)

The quickest and easiest way to send us your music is via the BBC Introducing Uploader , which also allows you to send your tracks to other areas of the BBC.

Alternatively, get in touch via the BBC Introducing in Manchester email or send a CD and some information to:

BBC Introducing in Manchester c/o Chris Long
New Broadcasting House,
Oxford Road,
M60 1SJ

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