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Salford band Suzuki Method happy to be on the outside
James Foster in Suzuki Method's What We Do's Not Secret

Suzuki Method's What We Do's Not Secret

Salford's Suzuki Method have said they set themselves apart from music categories and scenes because they "don't really like any of them."

Lead singer Adam Leishman told BBC Introducing in Manchester that they "had gone out of our way to not get into any of the band scenes."

He added that the band are "trying to be as real as possible."

The band were speaking ahead of the release of their debut EP on new Manchester label Factory Foundation.

'Doing our own thing'

Speaking on the show, Adam said that while he understood that it was natural for people, particularly the press, to label bands, it was something that Suzuki Method had no interest in.

Adam Leishman
There's a lot of people out there writing lyrics that I cannot relate to and I have no time for that
Adam Leishman

"Journalists, especially, as soon as they hear a band, it's their job to pigeonhole them into whatever they can.

"And I've not got a problem with that, because there's been some great stuff that's come out of that, like the grunge scene.

"Nowadays, though, it's coined so much - this band are into 'elastic bands', the 'band' scene, the 'elaccy' scene - and we've gone out of our way to not get into any of the band scenes, because we don't really like any of them.

"We're doing our own thing and we will do that - and people want to sound like us and get something going, you can try and we'll see what happens."

The band release their debut EP in October, but are not new to Manchester - or Salford - stages.

In fact, they have been gigging in both cities for a number of years, but Adam explained that the past has been about getting the mix of the band right.

"We've been around in different guises [for a while] and we've always had an ethos, a central core of the band, where people have had to fit into it.

"It's like any band, people come and go and you have to find that chemistry that really works for you, but I think the magma has now cooled and formed into a solid rock of power."

'Banging your head against a brick wall'

Some of the changes they have been through haven't been their fault though, as the tragic death of a former member understandably sidetracked the band for some time.

Suzuki Method
Suzuki Method are a band "about personal relationships"

Adam said that while it has been difficult at times, he has never felt like the band should cease.

"You do get disheartened - we lost a close friend of ours who was in the band - and you feel like you're banging your head against a brick wall with the scene.

"But then you listen to the bands that are out there and you think 'no I'm not' because there's not really anything good enough to give up music for.

"There aren't any bands decent enough to hold a candle up to what we're doing - and that makes you go forward."

Going forward is exactly what they are doing, with a clutch of catchy and insightful songs in tow.

Adam said it was important to him that the lyrics of his songs are as good as the catchy hooks they hang around and that, more than anything else, he wants to be sincere in his songwriting.

"All the lyrical content of our songs are about relationships, how people are with each other in local communities and how bigger issues - in terms of what happening in this country - are affecting people on my street.

"I honestly am trying to be as real as possible.

"There's a lot of people out there writing lyrics that I cannot relate to and I have no time for that.

"I know it sounds a bit corny, but as a band, we are about personal relationships."

An honest approach, a hard-working attitude, a raft of fine tunes and a desire to succeed on their own terms -you couldn't ask for much more in a band really.

Suzuki Method's debut EP is out on Factory Foundation Recordings

The band play BBC Introducing in Manchester live at the Ruby Lounge on Friday 29 October. Entry is free

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