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Manchester nurtures young talent more than ever
By Aaron Fairweather
BBC Blast music reporter

SBD says looking at local successes "shows what you can achieve"

Manchester is nationally recognised as bringing indie music to the forefront.

The echoes of Madchester often mean that other genres are overlooked, but there is much more to the city than guitars and skinny jeans.

It's clear there is an abundance of underground talent, with big music getting created and even bigger links being made both in and out of the city.

And young talent is now being revered as well as nurtured, much more so than in previous years.

The sense of good networking and promotion from people in Manchester has allowed more recognition for up and coming acts and has helped acts such as Kid British and Everything Everything break through on a national scale.

This has gone on to paint a truly diverse picture of the real Manchester sound, replacing the dull canvas that existed after the Oasis explosion had dissipated.

Adio Marchant from Kid British speaks of Manchester with massive pride, describing being from Manchester as "a blessing - with such massive artists from the city, it has to be a major influence."

Everything Everything's Jonathan Higgs agreed with his contemporary's assertion, adding that "Manchester is more important than any other single city in creating the sound of pop music we know today."

Little surprise that, with such strong groundings, both bands are doing well - Kid British are heading towards the release of their debut album, while Everything Everything's Man Alive has come out to great acclaim.

Inspirational success

Their success and that of other new acts like Envy and Delphic has brought a period of renaissance to the city, which is seeing more young artists than ever making music and aiming for success.

Amongst those younger musicians who are building up a name for themselves in their respective scenes are 16 year old SBD from Hulme and 17 year old A Me B from Wigan.

Everything Everything
Everything Everything advise new bands to "be true to yourself musically"

Both rappers share the belief that having artists from your own city be successful is a great motivational tool.

As SBD puts it, "it just shows what you can achieve, looking up at people from the Manchester scene succeed."

But young acts need more than just inspiration and one of the things both SBD and A Me B point towards is the support that is available to them.

It is evident that there are some who are paying serious attention to the grass roots of Manchester music.

For A Me B, it is BBC Introducing that is helping a lot, as it "makes you believe in yourself - they have helped me out so much."

Places like the Zion Arts Centre are also fundamental in helping push young people into believing in their own talents and there is no shortage of open mic nights - but those nights are usually for the over 18s.

Under-age gigs

Everything Everything's Jeremy Pritchard said it is important for younger musicians to have opportunities too, as "under 18s have a really important love of music installed within them and it's important to utilise that."

One man who is aware of that is Alex McCann, an event promoter and editor of Designer Magazine for the past ten years.

A Me B
A Me B is finding success with support from BBC Introducing in Manchester

Alex is committed to pushing local acts and getting them recognised alongside more well established artists.

It is an ideology he holds dear and he says it applies as much for those under 18 as it does for those over.

He puts "on 14 to 18 year old gigs, which are popular but I don't think enough bars or promoters embrace this idea."

The fact that his nights are proving successful means that, given the opportunity, young acts can hone their skills while still being great live.

Music artists in their infancy are so exciting and embracing them allows for growth, which can only be a good thing for the increasingly diverse Mancunian scene - and those in the know have a few quick tips for the up and coming masses.

Alex McCann says that "hard work and respect are vital to succeed" whilst Everything Everything said that is important to "be true to yourself musically in order to grow."

Sound advice from both and it is being followed across the Manchester music scene, making it more vibrant than ever before and open to more and more young voices getting heard.


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