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Manchester and Brighton team up in Seerauber Jenny

Seerauber Jenny's Push It Away

Being in a band with someone who lives over 250 miles away might not seem like the most practical idea, but it is one that is working for Seerauber Jenny.

The band are made up of Brighton's Fran Barker and Manchester's Neil Claxton, who was formerly half of big-beat stars Mint Royale.

He said that working across such a distance was "surprisingly easy in the internet age."

The duo release their debut single, Push It Away, in September.

While Fran is relatively new to the music business, Neil admitted he has "been round the block a few times", something of an understatement when you consider Mint Royale's decade of success .

He said that the knowledge gained during his time in that act is helping him this time around and that "it feels good" to begin again.

"It's liberating to have no constraints or expectations, and having been round the block a few times, it's nice to start the game again knowing the rules."

You could argue that starting a band with someone at the other end of the country might be breaking some of those rules, but Neil explained that producing Seerauber Jenny's songs is "surprisingly easy."

Seerauber Jenny
Fran and Neil write by sending tracks to each other over the internet

"The way we work is one of us gets an idea, records it roughly and transmits it to the other end of the country.

"Then the other person does some more, transmits it back, and repeat until there is nothing more either of us can think of adding.

"Only at that point do we actually get together in a studio to record the finished product.

"I should point out we do have actual conversations from time to time too."

The process is one that appears to have worked, if the first fruits of the team-up are anything to go by.

A clutch of songs have been aired online by the band and they are every bit as catchy as Neil's previous work, but with the added depth and passion of Fran's songwriting and voice thrown in on top.

The debut single, Push It Away, is a driving piece of pop, as infectious as it is intense, that should see them get noticed for much more than their back story.

As if to underline that wish, it has an animated and esoteric video, which Neil explained came from "the depths of Salford, guided by lots of pictures Fran appropriated from her vast library of the weird and wonderful and slightly melancholy."

But as they are a new proposition, wouldn't it have been a better plan to get their faces out there on the first promo?

Neil argued that taking the opposite route was a better idea, because of three simple reasons.

"I think what we would want to achieve with a live action video would be tricky, a bit too pricey for the moment and best saved until we are on the brink of world domination."

That said, he did offer a glimpse of what such a film would look like, simply describing it as "like [Lady] GaGa's 'Telephone' video but for the disenfranchised."

Forget the excellent music, the chance to get to see that idea made into reality alone might well be worth getting the duo to the top for.

Seerauber Jenny's Push It Away is released on Label Fandango on Mon 27 Sept.

The band play the BBC Introducing in Manchester/In The City showcase at Band On The Wall on Weds 13 Oct.



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