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Manchester duo Shmoo make Waves with animated film
Neil Newport of Shmoo

Watch the film for Shmoo's Waves

Electro duo Shmoo have described their new promo video as being like "the old version of Clash of the Titans".

The partially-animated film, made for their single, Waves, sees the brothers defending the Earth from an army of invading aliens.

It also features video director Ash Tidball in a cameo role as a newsreader.

Frontman Neil Newport said the idea for it came from the lyrics, which he called "inspirational".

It isn't Shmoo's first imaginative video, as they have made eye-catching promos for their last two singles.

It's more scary when you see these jerky creatures made out of plasticine come to life - or in our case, a six foot robot made of drum bits
Neil Newport

Neil told Sam Walker on BBC Radio Manchester Introducing that they enjoy being "more than musicians.

Adding: "We're artists as well. We throw ourselves into the bigger picture, rather than it just being about the music."

The results are seriously low budget, but genuinely endearing films, which Neil said is exactly what they were after when they set about making Waves.

"The lyrics were really inspirational, all these ideas came into heads, and before we knew, we were delving into the world of animation and stop-frame.

"We became like film-makers for the start of this year, as this felt like making a small movie.

"It's more like the old version of Clash Of The Titans than any modern-day cinema experience.

"But I think it's more scary when you see these jerky creatures made out of plasticine come to life - or in our case, a six foot robot made of drum bits."

That six foot robot comes from the band's debut release, She Machine, and Neil said they have even tried bringing it into their live show.

"We were asked to do a performance for an online channel and we actually wheeled it in.

"We had someone remote controlling it and we were thinking 'what world have we got ourselves into?'"

Whatever world it is, chances are it will be coming your way soon.

Waves is out on Station Dynamic on Monday 26 July.



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