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The Real Dolls offer a free Trophy download
The Real Dolls
Rod says that Trophy has "stood the test of time"

Electro hip hop funsters The Real Dolls are offering a free download of debut single, Trophy.

The track sees front man Rod Hotly casting a satirical eye across 'the flashy 21st century playa and his accessory model girlfriend'.

Rod says that they chose it as their debut because it was the track that "actually brought the band together."

Trophy will be available for a limited time on their label Switchflicker's website.

Since their formation, the Real Dolls have been turning heads with every performance.

They excelled at 2009's In The City event, when they played for BBC Manchester Introducing Live, and have been called "the sound of a city reborn" by the NME.

Rod explains that he is really happy that Trophy is the Real Dolls' debut, although he admits that it has changed a little since its original conception.

Afrikan Boy
Afrikan Boy got more involved after hearing the track

"Trophy was the first tune we made as a band; it was the song that actually brought the band together!

"It's stood the test of time too, with a new mix and featured vocals by Afrikan Boy, M.I.A. collaborator and genius MC."

The inclusion of Afrikan Boy on the track is something that Rod is particularly proud of, as it was the quality of Trophy that got the MC involved, after he was introduced to Rod by local club promoter Dave Murkage.

"Initially he was just going to do a cameo for the line 'Africans say, you look like Janet Jackson', then he liked the track and wanted to put down his 16, which was nice."

The track has already been a hit at the band's own club night, Pronk!, which is held at the Deaf Institute in Manchester on the last Saturday of every month.

Trophy is available for download on the Switchflicker website.

The Real Dolls play Manchester's Eurocultured Festival on Sunday 30 May.

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