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Manchester emcee Envy shows off her boxing on Nadine

Watch the full video for Envy's Nadine

Rising rap star Envy says she "loved the boxing" she did in the video for her new single, Nadine.

The Mancunian emcee travelled to London's Hounslow Boxing Club to do a full day shoot with director Charlotte Ginsborg for the promo.

Despite the long hours, Envy admits that she got "a bit carried away".

"Most of the actual boxing and bag work got cut out, but we were doing it for about nine hours straight; it was pretty intense, but fun."

Envy shooting the video for Nadine
The video was shot at a boxing club in London

Envy says that what was also fun was the doing the 'champion dance', which she mentions in the lyrics of the song - and is happy to share with anyone who fancies joining in.

"The champion dance... erm, I could show you?

"It's basically the two step with swagger - you have got to believe you're the champ.

"It's how you dance when you know you won, a self assured bop."

Envy is coming ever closing to needing to do it all the time at the moment.

The release of Nadine has seen her break out from specialist shows and on to daytime national radio - a major achievement for any new musician.

As happy as she is with that, there's one person that she really wanted to like the song - the titular Nadine.

Nadine is Morty, her best friend and fellow member of Black Piranhas, a crew they "have been in for a few years with some other rappers including Face from So Solid Crew - he started it."

Envy and Nadine
Envy says Nadine is a "word-for-word true story"

Envy says that the real life Nadine loves the tune - so much so that she's gave it her ultimate blessing by coming down to the gym for the shoot.

"She loves the song - she cried when she heard it.

"It's a word-for-word true story, so it really hit her.

"She still blasts it out and she was in the video.

"In fact, usually at my gigs, I'll drag her on stage when I do the track."

If things keep going as well as they have been doing, it won't be long until Nadine needs an Access All Areas pass to make it to Envy's microphone.

Nadine is out now on Stop/Start Records. The album, Set Yourself On Fire, follows on Monday 22 March.




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