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MAY68 take debut single My Ways into outer space

Watch the video for MAY68's My Ways

Electro-disco five piece MAY68 have gone out of this world for the video for their debut single, My Ways.

The promo sees the band on a distant space station, a suitably high-tech location for their cutting edge sound.

That said, they admit that the idea for the video wasn't theirs, but that of the director, Love & Disaster's Dan Parrott.

"We have to give Dan full credit for this one," explains singer Jude Wainwright.

"He came up with the idea of shooting the video in front of the lights, and also managed to get hold of some unique outfits and somehow combined them.

"Basically, the idea is that it conveys a lovers tiff in deep space between a couple - played by myself and Cam - who happen to be superheroes of the future.

"This distraction somehow leads to some evil cowl wearing baddies - Jonny, Matt and Owen - to hang around ominously in the background, ultimately leading to an ass-whooping. Obviously."

The pounding synths and the singalong chorus are characteristics of a great single, but the reaction we get when playing it live really made up our minds
Jude Wainwright, MAY68

"Dan is a big fan of Star Wars and has always wanted to do a video inspired by the films but no other band has let him do it before.

"But this fits with our music really well, it's a kind of retrospective look at the future."

Being a new band, Jude says they had to make their money go as far as possible on the shoot, though she won't confirm or deny that the space station is really two bike tyres.

However, she does admit that they "didn't really have the budget to get George Lucas on board."

Whatever is seen spinning in space, the video is an impressive piece of work that matches up well with their debut single.

My Ways is a fine place for those unfamiliar with MAY68 to be introduced to their sound.

Jude admits though that the band had a difficult time deciding which track to make their debut with.

"In some ways, My Ways wasn't the obvious choice.

"It was a bit of a problem child to begin with, and existed in many different incarnations before reaching the definitive version we have now.

Jude Wainwright
MAY68 are "very happy" about soundtracking a BBC Switch show

"Various people thought some of the other songs could have easily been the debut, but for sheer impact it had to be 'My Ways'.

"The pounding synths and the singalong chorus are characteristics of a great single, but the reaction we get when playing it live really made up our minds."

The band are doubly celebrating at the moment, as alongside the single release, another of their songs has been chosen to soundtrack the BBC Switch series, Single Together Whatever.

Jude says the band are understandably "very happy" about the opportunity, as "it means that people are out there are finding our music and validating its appeal."

She admits that the band's inclusion in the programme comes with a touch of sadness, as BBC Switch is earmarked for closure, along with radio stations 6 Music and Asian Network and other parts of the BBC website, in the BBC Strategy Review.

"The BBC in general has been really supportive of us as a new band, and it was a real shame to hear that branches who cater for specific audiences such as Switch and 6 Music could be axed.

"It seems that the outlets for new and emerging talent are getting fewer by the day, and we are very privileged to shown this kind of faith before the opportunities disappear completely."

Whatever the future elsewhere, MAY68's debut shows that they'll have plenty of opportunities to look forward to in the coming months.

MAY68's My Ways is out now on Hit Club Records.


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