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Exile Parade explain why the Man Is Sick

Exile Parade's Man Is Sick

Indie rockers Exile Parade say they are looking to shock the faint-hearted with their latest tune, Man Is Sick, and the accompanying video.

The track is the lead on their upcoming Brothel Ballet EP and the lads say both the song and the EP name take their inspiration from Manchester's seedier side.

"An author called Mick Middles told us about a cinema on Tib Street - where Moho is now - where there was an old cinema and you used to get pretty strange characters going in there.

"Apparently you could buy all sorts of erotic things in there - even little crocodiles.

"So the song just became about one of the people that used to go there and all the strange things he'd get up to on a night out."

Understandably, the band decided that such a strange song needed an equally odd video, so they turned to a Hollywood classic for inspiration.

"The song is about someone who's lost their mind so the inspiration came from The Shining and the image of Jack Torrance hammering his typewriter.

Exile Parade
Exile Parade say that Man Is Sick was inspired by author Mick Middles

"So we took it from there and, instead of a typewriter, we gave our character a piano.

"We just gave that idea to the director Ryan Davies and let him run with it."

The mad theme continues into the EP title, which the band say came to them at the same time as the song.

"It was a continuation of the theme of Man Is Sick really.

"It's a kind of sophisticated sleaze. It's about the kind of things everyone wants to do but won't admit to."

The EP is the first fruits of the band's latest recording sessions, which they say will soon turn into a debut album, though they admit to process of its creation hasn't been an easy one.

"We've been through every emotion possible so far and the music reflects it.

"It's really intense and it sounds like we mean every word and every note.

"It's taken us to the brink and brought us back again and it's not even out yet.

"There's been breakdowns, the lot - you name it and it's happened while we've been recording the album.

"We'll be finishing it in April and then it will be out in the summer… God willing."

The Brothel Ballet EP is out on Suburban Records on Monday 26 April.



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