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Louis Barabbas offers free music for Valentine's Day

Louis Barabbas
Louis calls his music "sordid, obsessive, manipulative and cynical"

Folk troubadours Louis Barabbas & the Bedlam Six are celebrating the glory of love this Valentine's Day by giving away their debut album for free.

But there is a catch; they want your thoughts about what love means to you in return.

Frontman Louis says the album is "peppered with love metaphors that you'd be hard pressed to find in a card", so they want the same from fans.

That means following lyrics like 'Relationships are like chickenpox, you've got to get immune when you're young' with a few choice lines of your own.

It's a gift that'll outlast all those bouquets and boxes of chocolate - and probably the subsequent marriages and children too
Louis Barabbas

Louis says the idea to give away the album was motivated by his dislike of Valentine's Day and like of showing the reality of love.

"Valentine's Day is a wretched, gimmick-stricken, expensive excuse to hate yourself and this album is, contrastingly, all about love.

"Granted it isn't about the radiant, hopeful, life-affirming aspects of love… the material is sordid, obsessive, manipulative and cynical - the perfect soundtrack to Valentine's Day."

Adding: "It's a gift that'll outlast all those bouquets and boxes of chocolate - and probably the subsequent marriages and children too.

Found Drowned was recorded over the course of a "ten day caffeine blur" in a crowded Withington house back in January 2008, but is only now "being officially released after two years of the band flogging film-wrapped hand-illustrated versions for petrol money at gigs."

To get your hands on a free download, go to the Debt Records website and fill out the contact form with the subject "Love Is…" with your own definition (or even, as Louis suggests "leave the space enigmatically blank" and the band will reply with a secret key to the tracks and artwork.

The album will officially be released the following day, Monday 15 February, so Louis says that anyone missing the give-away can get it in the usual ways.

And he adds that if you do miss out on the Valentine's Day download, the band have got something equally exciting planned for Mother's Day in March.

Found Drowned is out on Debt Records.



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