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Spreading some Love & Disaster around Manchester

The five bands involved in Love & Disaster 1
The debut release features a selection of rising Mancunian stars

Dan Parrott's Love & Disaster label is set to make a big impression on Manchester with a promise to promote "new tracks from new artists."

With the label's first release just out and sales of the four track EP going well, Dan looks set to make good on this promise by pledging to release another two compilations this year.

He is no stranger to the Manchester scene. He worked as a music producer for Channel M, seeing, as he puts it "a lot of upcoming bands and helping them along."

So his new venture will be no surprise to anyone who has come across him before - though the level of bands involved may be.

The debut release, Love & Disaster 1, features a fine selection of Manchester's freshest talent; In The City showcasers Dutch Uncles, rising stars Airship, former Fear Of Music frontman Jo Rose and an Everything Everything remix of Delphic, both of whom made the BBC Sound of 2010 long list.

They are bands that are not old enough to know about the history of Manchester and this is the first time they are free to go on and do what they want
Dan Parrott

Dan chose the first five to "promote new bands and in turn promote the city."

With Dan's links to television, his obvious passion for music and the creed he's set for the label, it is hard not to draw a comparison to the days of Tony Wilson and Factory Records.

This is something Dan would like to intentionally avoid, but not because of any perceived negative connotations.

"What Factory did for the city was amazing, but now we are into a new generation and we have to move on if the city is going to progress.

"Manchester has struggled a little bit since the whole Hacienda days and some of the new acts have struggled to get out of the shadow of the dominant bands at that time.

"Manchester's got a great infrastructure and great history. There are more venues now in Manchester and a general vibe from these new bands.

"They are bands that are not old enough to know about the history of Manchester and this is the first time they are free to go on and do what they want."

And this is exactly what Love & Disaster is allowing the city to do.

With pipeline plans to produce music videos and support "creative media" projects from within the city, the label is an exciting prospect for 2010.

Love & Disaster 1 is out now.

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Do you agree that it has taken time from Manchester to come out of the shadow of Factory or has the iconic label been good for new music in the city?

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