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Envy has "no rivalry" with Lady Sovereign and other MCs
Envy recently did a session for Huw Stephens on Radio 1

Rising Mancunian MC Envy says there is "no rivalry" between her and London rap counterpart Lady Sovereign.

The pair have been compared to each other in the past and they share the same producer, Medasyn.

But Envy, real name Nicola Varney, says that they are "friends" and very different from each other.

The young MC was speaking on BBC Radio Manchester Introducing ahead of the release of her debut album, Set Yourself On Fire.

She did, however, admit that in the beginning, there had been some competition between herself and Lady Sovereign.

"Before we got to know each other, there was a rivalry - and there sort of still is a friendly rivalry - but if you listen to both our music, we're different artists.

"I'm more lyrically-focussed. I like to think of it more as word play and [I like to] test myself.

We do have to work harder, but right now, we're in a place where there's so many of us that we can just rush the door

"She's more into the whole gimmicky thing.

"People are always trying to set us against each other, but there's no rivalry there really."

In fact, Envy says that she sent Lady Sovereign a text just before she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house at the start of January, offering her some advice, though she wouldn't admit what it was.

The Mancunian MC thinks that the supposed rivalry comes from a presumption amongst people that female MCs are in competition with each other, whereas in reality, the women on the UK rap scene are beginning to co-operate with each other and get the credit they deserve.

Lady Sovereign
Lady Sovereign is taking part in this year's Celebrity Big Brother

"To be fair, right now, a lot of the female MCs in England are starting to work together, but it's took a lot of years, because people are like 'there's only room for one female MC' and it's not the case.

"There's females like Tor and Pariz 1 that are brilliant and are probably ten times better than most of the guys that are getting airplay right now.

"We do have to work harder, but right now, we're in a place where there's so many of us that we can just rush the door.

"People are accepting it more now, so I think it's time that we were coming through."

Envy's album, Set Yourself On Fire, is out on StopStart Records in March.



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