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Royal Mail put New Order album cover on a stamp
The Royal Mail stamp featuring New Order's Power, Corruption & Lies
New Order's Power, Corruption & Lies is one of ten album cover stamps

New Order bassist Peter Hook says he is "very happy" that the artwork from the band's Power, Corruption & Lies album is being put on a stamp.

The cover joins Blur's Parklife and Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells as one of ten covers on a new set of stamps.

The artwork, which features a bunch of scattered roses, was created by designer Peter Saville.

He's one of two local artists featured, as Ray Lowry's cover for The Clash's London Calling is also included.

Peter Hook told BBC Radio 4's Front Row that he was honoured by the accolade and didn't mind having the Queen's head on the cover of one of his albums at all.

"I suppose it's one of those funny things that when we were younger and we were punks, we would have fought against with all our might.

"But then as you get older and you realise the significance of something as important as a stamp, it's quite a humbling thing to be put in that category and I'm very happy about it."

Peter Hook
As a burgeoning young musician full of spite, I thought it was very subtle and if it had been left to me, it would have been much less interesting
Peter Hook on the album artwork

"The thing that made me happiest is when the young lady at the Royal Mail was telling me that everything had to go before the Queen to be okayed.

"I thought that was the nearest I'll ever get to the Queen, so it was definitely a very humbling thing as a musician."

The special stamps celebrate the work of the album sleeve designer, rather than the music, and were chosen after the Royal Mail did extensive research into the UK's greatest album covers, trawling lists and polls and speaking to experts in both music and design.

Peter Saville, who now works as Creative Director of the city of Manchester, says it is a long overdue honour and proof of how important the covers have been to popular culture.

"It's not before time, not for me personally, but for pop culture in general.

"The New Order one is from 27 years ago, Tubular Bells is definitely a few years prior to that, the David Bowie cover, Ziggy Stardust, was terribly important to me as a teenager

"We're covering 40 years or more of contemporary British culture, so it's quite fitting really."

"It's crucial to point out that in the 60s and 70s and into the 80s, the record cover was almost the sole medium of any kind of alternative visual culture for young people.

The Royal Mail stamp featuring The Clash's London Calling
Ray Lowry's design for The Clash's London Calling is also included

"There were not style magazines, there was not the Internet, there was not even MTV until the mid-80s.

"The record cover was the only place where you would experience any kind of visual culture that was different to the world that you were living in."

Peter Hook agrees that the record cover in general has been very important, but admits that had he had his way, the New Order album would have looked very different.

"I hate to say that I found it much too subtle at the time.

"As a burgeoning young musician full of spite, I thought it was very subtle and if it had been left to me at the point that we did the sleeve, it would have been much less interesting."

The Power, Corruption & Lies stamp, along with the other nine album cover stamps, is available from Thursday 7 January.

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