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09:53 GMT, Monday, 8 June 2009 10:53 UK

BBC London in the digital world

DAB Radio

Digital Radio

BBC London 94.9 is transmitted digitally via DAB - digital audio broadcasting. Find out how to get crystal clear sound from BBC London 94.9fm and extra BBC channels.

1. Sky Digital

Listeners in London can get BBC London 94.9 on Channel 0152 on the Sky digital platform

2. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting)

Sky Digital

BBC London 94.9 is transmitted digitally via DAB. To listen you need a digital radio displaying a DAB logo. They come in all sorts of designs from various manufacturers from small portable types to larger home radios.

Existing analogue FM radios (even with digital tuning) can't decode the DAB signals but will of course tune to 94.9fm.

To listen to BBC London 94.9 you need to be located in or around the London area and your radio will have to scan for the channel if you currently do not receive it.

You can also buy DAB radio cards for your PC and DAB car radios to listen to BBC London.

Sport Commentaries

We sometimes broadcast a different programme on our DAB service. This is often an extra football commentary or music show. For example, we could have our usual programme on 94.9fm (analogue) and a different match on DAB (digital).

How do we do this? Simple. We send our usual programme to the FM transmitter and our extra football commentary to the DAB transmitter.

Benefits of DAB

Clearer signals, improved sound, more stations to choose from, no need to re-tune as you travel and more text information to be made available in the future.


Remember - if you can't receive our DAB broadcasts then just tune your normal radio to 94.9fm.

3. The Internet

You can listen to BBC London 94.9fm via your internet connection. We broadcast live 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you can listen live whether you have a modem connection (56k) or broadband.

BBC's iPlayer

We also offer additional services via the internet;

BBC iPlayer - listen to most of our shows when you want to, all week for up to seven days.

You can get extra broadcasts including live webcasts and exclusive live sports commentaries including football, cricket and rugby.

Benefits of listening of listening via the web

Listen from anywhere in the world, the software to listen live is free, you can listen again to shows you have missed and also get extra broadcasts.

4.Virgin Media

BBC London the red button

You can listen to BBC London 94.9 via your television if you have the Virgin Media digital tv service and an ex-Telewest customer.

Ex-Telewest customers can hear BBC London 94.9 on channel 930

Please note ex-NTL customers get BBC Scotland on 930

The signal is derived from a DAB radio source.

5. Freesat

This service allows BBC London 94.9 listeners to access the station all over the country via free-to-air channels through a satellite dish.

You can listen to BBC London 94.9 via Freesat channel 718.

General Notes

DAB programmes are higher quality than digital internet broadcasts. They are transmitted in different formats and should not be compared in quality.

At the moment BBC London 94.9fm can not be received via a Windows Media stream or freeview.


You can the latest BBC news for London on your mobile phone (WAP), portable computer with a wireless connection (WiFi) and if you have a PDA. You can also text BBC London from your mobile phone.

1. Mobile Phones - WAP (wireless application protocol)

Travel news on your mobile phone

Send your mobile videos & photos to BBC London.

We welcome your mobile phone clips and pictures. If you have a photo or video clip of an interesting place, a news story, traffic chaos or any London scene then just e-mail your photo from your mobile phone to, alternatively just send it to:

07921 648303

Note: For e-mailing clips you will have to have e-mail functionality set up on your phone - contact your mobile phone manufacturer or service provider for more details.

London News Stories

You can get BBC London news and 94.9fm schedules on your mobile phone

If you have a mobile phone that is able to connect to the web all you have to do is go to this address for BBC content:

You can access news, sport, travel, weather, TV listings and more. You can even see what is coming up on BBC London 94.9fm with the radio guide!

How to access BBC London news:

Connect to

* Select BBC News

* Select England

* Select News local to you

* Select London/South

* Select London

* Select the story you want

2. Text & Email BBC London (SMS - short message service)

Send in your views to the radio show live on air.

Listening to Jo & Paul, Vanessa or a live football match and want to share your views and predictions? All you have to do is text your message to 07786 200 949 during the show you are listening to.

You can also phone the show on 0207 224 2000 or send in your views to

You can also stay in touch by receiving our BBC London newsletter and travel newsletter!

3. PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants) and handheld computers

You can access BBC web pages from portable devices. You can either download pages to your PDA using the synchronisation link, caching method (where you connect using your pc then transfer the content to your mobile device) or access web pages using a live wireless connection.

To download pages using the synchronise method you will need software that allows this. For example, you can use the software provided by AvantGo. You will need to sign up for a free account with AvantGo if you do not already have one.

BBC web pages are produced for PDA and includes sport, weather, listings and world, UK and local news.

How to access BBC News - London:

* Connect to

* Select News (with or without images)

* Select England from the drop down menu

* Scroll down to London/South news headlines

* Select the story you want

Depending on your device you can also e-mail, browse the web using WiFi and capture and send pictures.

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