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The Spending Review in London


BBC London's spending review debate with Jeremy Vine

The government's spending review is expected to impact upon local public services across the UK.

BBC London has learnt that councils in the capital are preparing to cut their budgets by 24% over the next 3 years.

This could mean job cuts and reduced services.

The study by London Councils, on behalf of BBC London, questioned treasurers at 32 boroughs and found that they are expecting to have to make an average of 24% cuts by 2014.

In the video above watch the entire special BBC London TV debate hosted by Jeremy Vine.

Below, BBC London TV reports on the government's spending review and how it will have an impact on public services in the capital.

The cuts

Councils face 2bn budget cuts

London's 32 local authorities currently spend a total of £22bn and if that is reduced by 24%, about £5bn will be cut from the budget by 2014.

BBC London's Karl Mercer finds out who is already feeling the impact of the cuts and where services would be further reduced.

Two councils

Two councils face cuts in own way

Many councils are already preparing themselves for several years of austerity and tight budgets.

BBC London's Paul Curran talks to two London councils, Southwark and Westminster, with contrasting views on how to cope with potential constraints to their budgets.

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