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Tube strike leads to political row

The fourth 24-hour Tube strike has now finished and unions are already warning that the industrial dispute could escalate in 2011.

With no agreement on the horizon, this dispute has now become the source of a political row.

In the video above, BBC London's political correspondent Karl Mercer reports on the war of words between Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone, and he also compares industrial relations on the London Underground with the no-strike deal on the New York subway.

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18:00: With the evening rush hour in full swing here is what Transport for London have to say about the Tube service:

  • The Circle Line is completely suspended
  • A 'special service' is running to all destinations on the Northern, Metropolitan, Victoria and Waterloo & City Lines.
  • There are 'part suspensions' on all other lines.
  • Travellers are also advised to check the list of station closures on the TfL website.

15:45: The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has told BBC London that there needs to be legislation to prevent any further Tube strikes in the new year.

The mayor says it is not right that 'public transport in a great city like London could be held to ransom.'

Commuters on the Tube strike

13:45: While this will be of little comfort to people who have struggled to get around London today, our Transport Correspondent @TomSEdwards tweets that union leaders will not be recommending further strikes over Christmas. However they warn there could be an escalation of the dispute in 2011.

1136: Latest BBC News story on the Tube strike.

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Background to the dispute

This 24-hour strike is part of an industrial dispute between Tube workers and transport bosses over job cuts.

BBC London invited Bob Crow of the RMT and Mike Brown of London Underground to write letters outlining their respective positions.

Read what they had to say here: "Dear London..."


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