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July 2005: Best of times, worst of times

One week in July

When Charles Dickens wrote the opening of A Tale of Two Cities, he could have been talking about London during one week in July 2005.

On Saturday, 2 July London hosted the Live 8 concert and a few days later on Wednesday, 6 July, the capital was declared the host city for the 2012 Olympic Games.

With world leaders gathering for a crucial G8 Summit in Scotland, the eyes of the world seemed to be on Britain and on London.

This is why many Londoners would have woken up on the morning of July 7, 2005 with a real sense of optimism.

It was the height of summer and Britain was at the epicentre of a global campaign to eradicate poverty; the successful Olympic bid would bring with it regeneration, jobs and prestige.

Then, in a terrifying hour towards the end of the morning commute, all those dreams of a better world were suddenly replaced by an incendiary nightmare.

"It is all happening here in this city..."

One week in July

Audio slideshow of an extraordinary, and ultimately tragic, week in the history of London featuring iconic images and key reaction.

This is what we do

BBC London

Head of BBC London Michael Macfarlane on the challenge of covering Live 8, the Olympic bid and the transport attacks.

"And the winner is..."

Jacques Rogge

Olympics Correspondent Adrian Warner was in Singapore for the 2012 host city announcement and writes here about a tumultuous 24 hours.

"Not if, but when..."

July 7 bombings

Home Affairs Correspondent Guy Smith looks at the Met's response, and its consequences, to a terrorist outrage on London's streets.

Thelma's story

One week in July

Kurt Barling tells the story of Thelma Stober who was a legal adviser to the 2012 bid and who was also on one of the bombed Tube trains.

The station manager


Transport Correspondent Tom Edwards talks to Stephen Goszka, station manager at Edgware Road Tube station on the day of the bombings.

A changed London?

One week in July

BBC London 94.9's David Friend talks to key figures and asks if, and how, London has changed in the five years since the terror attacks.

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