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The world in one city

London's review of the decade

By Claire Timms
New Media Editor, BBC London

It is hard to believe that 10 years ago we talked of a technological Armageddon - known as the Y2K bug - and wondered if the Millennium Dome would ever be completed in time for the nation's New Year celebrations or just become a white elephant.

Well, planes never did fall out of the sky and the Dome, sorry the O2, has become the world's most popular live entertainment venue.

As decades go it's been an eventful one.

Two days in July

The London Eye

Londoners have lived through major highs and lows and nothing illustrates this more than two days in July 2005.

Our celebrations for winning the 2012 Olympics quickly turned to mass mourning after a devastating terrorist attack on London's transport system.

The bombings on July 7 killed 52 innocent people.

It was one of the grimmest days in the capital since the Blitz in the 1940s.

The 7/7 effect

On reflection that single event carved up the decade.

Prior to 7/7 we embarked upon the Millennium with hope and excitement.

We had a booming economy in the City, new iconic buildings to marvel at, such as the Tate Modern and the Gherkin, and a victory parade for Rugby world cup winners.

Post 7/7, Londoners have endured heightened security on our streets, community tensions and a Metropolitan Police force dogged by controversy.

More recently, the worst economic slump in living memory has led to some self-doubt about London's position on the global stage.

Your London

Your Decade
What are your key memories from the last 10 years in the capital?
Email us and even send photos to yourlondon@bbc.co.uk and we'll publish as many as we can.

But through these turbulent times, London still thrives. It remains a destination of choice for lovers of history and fashion; of culture and consumerism; of possibilities and promise.

Also, despite our studied indifference towards one another, events have shown that Londoners do actually care about each other.

This was the decade when Londoners partied together through the glorious triumphs and stood shoulder to shoulder through the darkest tragedies.

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