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How Tube closures affect you

London Underground maintenance workers
London Underground maintenance workers

Passenger groups and business leaders are being questioned on Wednesday about the impact of overcrowding and weekend maintenance closures on the tube.

London Underground says the essential work will increase capacity by 30 per cent, and any closures are carefully planned to minimise disruption.

We asked you what you thought. Here are a selection of some of the many emails we have received.


I'm going to be moving out of the Greenwich area simply because the Jubilee Line has been down more than 90% of the weekends since I've moved into this area more than two years ago.

It's obvious the people in charge of the lines don't live on this side and/or don't use public transport or they'd realise how crippling this construction every weekend hurts us. It's down again this weekend coming up.
DL, Greenwich

We had a terrible car journey to see Madonna at the O2 last Saturday. It really put us off going to the 02 again. When we got our tickets to see Madonna we assumed we would be getting the tube there and back. Can't see how this can be considered a world class music venue without being reachable by train at the weekend!
Lindsey Oliver

I live closest to North Greenwich station which is serviced only by the Jubilee line. During the last two years the Jubilee line has been closed 90% of the time on weekends in this area.

Most times coinciding with the rail closures (Westcombe Park) meaning residents without cars are trapped. Annually I spend £1300+ on zones 1&2 travel cards. Surely if I'm only getting a fraction of the service I should be paying a fraction of the price!! I may as well buy monthly bus passes at this rate.
Chanel M. Serville

They used to alternate the closing of the majority Jubilee line every second weekend. Now it's every weekend. It's supposed to be the newest line on the network!

Surely they should alternate closing the Jubilee line on each weekend. Also, they have often closed the Central line on the same weekends, which makes travel to the east of London difficult.

I find it difficult to believe that LRT have seriously arranged there engineering works on the underground to cause minimum disruption.

I went to Wembley Stadium at the weekend, which prides itself as a public transport venue.

Of the three underground lines which service the stadium only one was running a full service. The Metropolitan line ran a disrupted service, whilst the Jubilee line was closed. This was on a weekend when 160,000 people were known to be visiting the stadium.

Absolutely atrocious.

This is the second time in as many months when LRT have shown there diabolical failure as a public service. I am referring to the strike which coincided with the recent England football match.
Andrew Darkins

I live in an area which is serviced by the Jubilee and South East London Line.

The South East London line has been closed and will remain closed until 2010.

The weekend closures of the Jubilee line are crippling for me. It takes me a minimum of one hour to get to any destination via the bus route and it has stopped me from making any weekend plans with people due to these closures.

I went to the Madonna concert on the 4 July at the 02. The concert started late, therefore many concert-goers were panicking to get home. I was on the pier at the Thames Clipper and tempers were rising, shouting, etc for they failed to plan and put enough boats which stop at every location.

It was a weekend that hosted Madonna at the 02, Take That at Wembley, Gay Pride in Soho and several other events around the capital.

London is viewed as a location that cannot handle events due to poor transport planning and this will crumble during the Olympics.
D McNicol

We rent day tour buses to live music "indie" bands. Due to the nature of the business we open weekends.

We have had a number of nightmares due to work on the trains, from people not turning up to people being extremely late.

We are based in Wembley which we used to think was extremely accessible!!

In this current economic climate these problems hurt deeper, why can't they work at night like the Highways Agency?
Kieran Barry

I work at the 02 and so the suspension of the Jubilee Line EVERY WEEKEND causes major problems, not only for us travelling to work but for guests travelling to the restaurants and shows. It has a bad effect on business.
From a rageous Jubilee Line user

I live in Canary Wharf and nearly every single weekend there is engineering work on the Jubilee line with at least one day of it being fully suspended.

This forces everyone to take the DLR which becomes crowded and adds significant time to any journey. I have avoided having friends and family come visit on weekends due to the complexity of the travel to come see me.

It is ridiculous - I pay for a monthly pass for zones 1-2, but my primary line is unavailable to me 2/7 of the week, but I see no discount.

It is so bad, I am actually choosing to move out of the area after living here for two years.

Why can't they simply work at night or alternate weekends? Isn't the Jubilee line the newest line as well? Why so much work needed?!
Autumn Banter

I live near the Victoria Line and for two years they have worked on the Victoria line many weekends. This July, three weekends they have shut the Victoria and for August, every weekend they have hardly any service. What this means for me, for the past two years I have had to add an extra 30 minutes to my journey travelling to another station by bus.

This also means if I invite friends or family round for the weekend, they have to travel via another line and then get a bus from the station, which can take forever...

I would seriously like to know why we actually pay for this service, which is over priced and has many problems. Yet we all just put up with it!
Caroline, Tottenham

I think people complaining about engineering works on the Jubliee line need to realise it's for their benefit and when the work is complete they'll have a really good more frequent and longer service.

No pain, no gain. If they didn't do so much weekend work we'd have to wait longer for improvements and we'd all be complaining about that.

I think the key thing the London Assembly needs to realise is that the alternative arrangements need to be better.
Sagar Shah

The closures are really annoying but I can understand why they're necessary - the line's going to be automatic like the DLR which means more frequent services, eventually. The problem for me is that the DLR doesn't increase services on weekends when the Jubilee's closed so the trains are rammed.

The outrageous thing is that the company laid the wrong cable so had to rip it all up & replace it all! Hence more weekend closures 'cos of it, meaning the public pays for their mistake.
Chris Morris

I travel regularly to specialist audio described performances which are generally given on Saturdays to allow more people to attend. As has happened many times before we attended one at the Donmar Warehouse on Saturday last and there were engineering works closing both the District and Piccadilly Lines so we had to travel to Holborn on the Central line and have an escalator stopped to enable us to change on to the Piccadilly Line to go to Covent Garden which is the only station in the area with a lift to exit the station. The staff asked us if we were sure we had to stop the escalator to get a guide dog from one line to the other. Should they really expect blind people to carry their dogs on escalators as this endangers the dogs, the blind person and other patrons. It is hard enough to find stations which use lifts and staircases in Central London without them closing the lines which provide access to these stations.
Debi Olley

I, like thousands if not millions of other very angry commuters, live close to the Jubilee line in South East London and I am paying more than £1000 per year on a 1-2 zone pass. If TFL are making my life a living hell at weekends, they must, like others here have suggested, refund us a proportion of the annual pass for those days we cannot use the tube. They argue they have replacement buses. There has never been a replacement bus east of Canada Water all the way to Canary Wharf and the O2 now, has there? Let's be realistic.

Let's hope some politician will listen to all of us and do something to force TFL to pay up for all the misery they cause us at weekends.

Enough is enough.

Two sides to any story - no-one's explaining WHY the Lines close. Essential engineering (for the Jubilee, new signalling which wasn't ready as promised to the Underground when the Extension opened) which takes too long to set up and pull away overnight to allow any meaningful work to be done. This is the most painless way to do work - honest, guv. 'Overnight' means stopping trains by two or more hours early and possibly starting first trains the next day also late - neither acceptable for shift workers needed to keep London going. The other issue is WHERE the works take place, and therefore where you can reverse trains; only the Docklands Light Railway has the most expensive signalling of all, for two way working on every track... Weekends are really, really, REALLY unavoidable for major works; I work on the railway - you should see what goes on here for major works...

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