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Commuting fox pictured on the Tube

Fox on the Tube
Was the fox getting off at Fox-Hall station?

Rats on the tracks are a fairly common sight on London's Underground, but how many people have seen a fox take the escalators at a Tube station?

This fox was spotted by freelance journalist, Kate Arkless Gray, late in the evening on Saturday, 5 December at Walthamstow Central.

The next morning she posted the images on Twitter and they have since been viewed over 30,000 times.

The images have also been picked up by national newspaper websites.

The meeting

Fox on the Tube
Stand on the right, Mr Fox!

Here's how Kate described her vulpine encounter on Twitter:

Arriving at my home tube station late last night I was greeted by this fantastic/unexpected sight!

He ran down escalator and was shoo-ed back up again! Paused there so I snapped him!

Eventually it got shoo-ed toward exit and escaped towards bus station.

Or did it just realise the time and dash for last bus?

The commuting animals

So what's the strangest thing or animal that you've seen on London's transport system?

Send your stories and pictures to yourlondon@bbc.co.uk

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