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Back in time on the high street
Then and now - Bexley High Street
Then and now - Bexley High Street

The BBC is looking at how your local high street has changed with Turn Back Time: Your High Street.

UK high streets are going back in time this autumn as part of an exciting new BBC Learning Hands on History project and landmark BBC One series.

We are encouraging families to engage with local history by uploading your picture to the BBC's Flickr group.

We would like you to upload your pictures of your high street to compare how things have changed over time.

The return of the tea room

Turn back time

Share the memories of your high street by taking pictures of what it looks like now compared to older pictures you may own. This could be done by holding a new picture up against the old picture. Other ways you could do this is to merge the old picture with the new or place them side-by-side.

'Jewel of the east end'

Once you have decided how you would like to show them add them to our Flickr group so that they can be shared and documented as your contribution to local history.

When launching this exciting BBC Learning Campaign, Executive Nina Bell said: "This is a fantastic opportunity to bring history alive and give everyone a chance to celebrate their high street."

High Street 2012

BBC London will also be taking a special look at one of the London's 2012 High Streets - Whitechapel.

64-68 were restored  as part of the Historic Buildings Conservation Scheme.
64-68 were restored as part of the Historic Buildings Conservation Scheme.

Whitechapel is in the process of a facelift including the recent completion of 64-68 Whitechapel High Street.

The buildings were restored as part of the Historic Buildings Conservation Scheme, a programme under the High Street 2012 project aiming to regenerate the Olympic corridor.

2010 also saw the re-opening of Braham Street park, a High Street 2012 Great Outdoors project. Other buildings along Whitechapel High Street will be also restored ahead of the Games.

Whitechapel has a colourful, and previously notorious, history including the pub where Ronnie Kray murdered a rival gangster, the Whitechapel Murders, Jack the Ripper and the Royal London Hospital where Joseph Merrick (the Elephant Man) was treated.

Can Whitechapel retain its unique character?

The high street has several famous buildings including the Whitechapel Gallery, 17th century almshouses and the East London Mosque that recently celebrated its centenary year.

Get involved

If you would like to celebrate the changing British high street, upload your pictures to the Flickr group by clicking on the link below:

The group will also provide a few tips and ideas when taking the pictures.

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