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2012 Lives: Boxer waits for 'amazing' training venue


Ollie has visited other countries to improve the standards of their boxing coaching

A former British boxing champion says he is looking forward to finding out which athletes will be using his local club in the build up to London 2012.

Ollie Wilson, from Greenwich, now coaches at Woking Boxing Club. Its new facilities, which are part of Woking Park, have been selected as an official 2012 training venue for Olympic boxers.

A virtual image of how the new venue which includes Woking Boxing Club will look.
A new sports facility will include a new gym and ring for Woking boxing club.

''They've just laid the first brick it's going to amazing they reckon the roof will be on by February - completion date in June,'' said Ollie.

"To think about my journey in boxing and to be connected with the Olympics, probably the only one ever in my lifetime in this country, is just amazing." he said.

The new boxing club is being built just over the road from its current training base.

The work is set to improve the standard of the facilities and build a top quality training centre for local and Olympic athletes.

Ollie's boxing career began aged nine when he walked into St Peter's Boxing Club, which was previously based in Woolwich.

Ollie with one of his title belts.
Ollie got the nickname 'Ollie Wood' as he worked as a Hollywood stuntman.

He became British Champion at light-middleweight and middleweight division, during his professional boxing career. He now works as a motivational officer and consultant with Surrey Police - as well as being one of the coaches at Woking Boxing Club.

Ollie has also visited other countries to improve the standards of their boxing coaching.

In 2010 he made a trip to Iceland where boxing has only been legal for eight years after the sport was banned in 1953.

While out there he discussed the possibility of an exchange programme that would see Icelandic boxers visiting the facilities in Woking.

A number of countries are looking at the possibility of using the new club, as part of Woking Park, as their training location ahead of the games which start in July of 2012.

''We've done a lot of talking to a lot of different countries but this is the year where we're going to find out who'll be using the facilities.''

Ollie is a contributor to BBC London's 2012 Lives series, where people tell their own stories of how the 2012 Olympics are affecting them.

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