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2012 Lives: Clare moves a step closer to Olympic dream


Clare is now looking at ways to raise 50,000 to fund her project

An artist from Hackney who wants to be part of the Cultural Olympiad believes she is getting closer having her dream come true.

Clare Newton wants to make the world's largest photograph but has found it difficult to generate support for the project.

However, over the last two months she says reactions when talking to several venues interested in displaying the work have turned more positive.

''It's been really brilliant. This is the first real major step of a dream coming true. This is it!

Part of Clare's panoramic photograph from University of East London
Single photographs are edited together into a panoramic picture

"And the public are finally getting behind me and it's fantastic support, I'm so thrilled,'' she said.

Clare has also started work on the photograph by holding the first photo shoot after students from the University of East London were the first to volunteer as subjects in the artwork.

''What they do is they come along and jump," said Clare, "Then at the end of it, I carefully patch them and stitch them all together one by one to make a continual long picture.''

Clare's Jump logo
Clare is to take pictures of around 20,000 people jumping

''People are actually getting behind me this time. They're transforming the art and making it their own. People want to be involved and this has really made it a community work of art,'' she said.

The next objective for Clare is to explore ways she can raise the £50,000 required to fund the project.

''Maybe if I can get the students to get right behind it we can then start to raise money because that's the next most terrifying thing.''

Clare is a contributor to BBC London's "2012 Lives" project where people tell their own stories of how the 2012 Olympics are affecting them.

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