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2012 Lives: Boxer Ollie goes to Iceland


Ollie has been a stunt double for Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson

A former professional boxer and Hollywood stuntman from Greenwich is training Olympic boxing hopefuls in other countries, ahead of London 2012.

Ollie Wilson, who now lives in Surrey, has links with the Zambian and the Dominican boxing teams and recently went out to meet 2012 hopefuls from Iceland.

While professional boxing remains illegal in Iceland, amateur boxing was legalised in 2002.

Ollie said: ''It was fantastic working with the team. Since 2002 there hasn't been any wealth of experience here. There are a lot of different types of techniques that they need to learn.''

On his recent trip to Iceland, he took a couple of training sessions at a gym in Reykjavik with the Icelandic Amateur Boxing Club. Ollie was keen to implement the training methods he has developed over the years at Woking Amateur Boxing Club.

Ollie outside the gym in Reykjavik.
Ollie has also done motivational work with excluded teenagers in England.

Ollie was also invited to meet with the president of the Icelandic Boxing Federation to discuss his ideas for improving the standard of boxing as well as the possibility of starting up an exchange programme.

''It was really nice that I was invited to meet the president. I thought it was a really positive meeting,'' he said.

''I just feel that with all the formulas we have in place, we're going to have to bring our structure from over in England but the future looks fantastic with what we're going to be doing.''

Ollie played Samuel L Jackson's stunt double in two Star Wars films and acted as a Death Eater in a Harry Potter film. He now works with Surrey County Council as a motivational officer.

Ollie is part of BBC London's "2012 Lives" project, where people tell their stories of how the 2012 Games, in East London, is affecting them.

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