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2012 Lives: Sam sad to lose 'beautiful view'

2012 Lives: Sam's 'perfect view'

Stratford resident Sam, 10, has had a bird's-eye view of the Olympic Park rising from wasteland in Stratford but he won't have a grandstand seat for the big events in 2012.

The block of flats in which he lives is to be demolished because, according to the local council, it would cost too much to refurbish.

Its residents are being relocated and the building, on Carpenter's Road, is now partly closed.

Sam admires the view from his home. "It's just a lovely site to look at when you're bored or maybe feeling frustrated.

"When you look at it, you might think, oh, courage, there's nothing to be angry at.

Sam looking out his family's flat window
Sam looks out his window every couple of days to see what has changed

"It might take three or four years to move everyone out of the block but we're probably going to move before the Olympics.

"My mum has seen some pictures [of potential new homes] but didn't like the descriptions so we haven't been to see any yet.

"When I look out at the stadium I imagine myself actually doing the competitions like the hurdles or the javelin throw and it makes me just feel proud to live so close."

"Before, it was just a plain area with nothing there, just a factory - now it's beautiful."

Sam is a contributor to BBC London's "2012 Lives" project. He is one of a number of people who will tell their own stories of how the 2012 Olympics is affecting their lives in the build up to The Games.

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