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Profile: Willie Miller

Willie Miller
Willie Miller

Willie Miller joins Sean Styles Sunday mornings for a fun packed two hours (1100 - 1300).

Willie is a big Liverpool FC fan with a passion for 'pound shops' - he loves to mooch around for hours and buy lots of useless junk he'll never use.

Willie insists that Sean and himself really do make each other laugh and that nothing in the programme is scripted, even the parts that aren't broadcast.

He admits to being terrified of leaving the mic on when it shouldn't be, "We would be sacked!" he laughs. "We do have a laugh in between records, I once did a whole show in my underpants just to wind Sean up."

Willie would like to continue presenting as long as the listeners want him to "I enjoy the atmosphere at the station," he says.

"And it's great to say that you work for the BBC."

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