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Profile: Tony Snell

Tony Snell
Tony Snell

Join Tony Snell for Breakfast every weekday morning (0600 -1000). Get your daily dose of entertainment, interviews and the latest news, travel and conversation.

Tony joined BBC Radio Merseyside in December 1997. In the dim and distant past he's worked as a milkman and bricklayer but he eventually fulfilled his boyhood ambition of working in front of the microphone.

Snelly has interviewed people from all areas of the entertainment world from the legendary Tony Bennet to Bob Geldof and all in-between.

"The best stories always come from listeners though, real stories about real people," says Tony.

"Having knowledge about your home city is always a help, I thought I knew most things about Liverpool until local historian Frank Carlyle appeared on my show and brought history to life in his own unique style - you may need subtitles if you listen somewhere else rather than Liverpool. Frank is a guest every Tuesday."

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