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Profile: Frankie Connor

Frankie Connor
Frankie Connor

Frankie Connor plays music of the 1960s Sunday afternoons on BBC Radio Merseyside (1500 - 1700).

Frankie's passion as a boy was playing football. At fifteen he achieved an ambition to play at Goodison Park, and he has always supported Everton all his life.

Within a year of leaving school at the end of 1963, he had joined a music group called 'The Hideaways' and they soon became very popular locally.

Football was never far away though, and Frankie turned out on several occasions for the All Star Merseybeat eleven.

After his Merseybeat days ended in 1972, Frankie worked as a sales rep for eight years before going into business with an old friend.

As a child, he loved books and always read The Hardy Boys, and American comics. So in 1990, Frankie and a friend, Alan Crowley, wrote and recorded a song about those boyhood days.

"The USA in the late 50's might well have been on a different planet for two Liverpool boys! How times have changed!"

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