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Profile: June Yee

June Yee
June Yee

June Yee presents Orient Express, for Merseyside's Chinese community, Monday evenings (2100).

Liverpool's Chinese community is the oldest in the UK and BBC Radio Merseyside has provided a service for it since its very early days.

What started as a five-minute weekly news bulletin, has now become a fully-fledged weekly programme, Orient Express.

The first presenters were Lawrence Ma and Mary Ng but these days it's fronted by June Yee who joined the team in 1988. She co-presents with Cantonese speakers, Grace Liu and Shirley Leng.

"We recently introduced Far East news and entertainment news in Mandarin into the programme,'' says June.

"We try to appeal to all parts of the Merseyside Chinese community with local news and features from China and Hong Kong.

"The two Liverpool universities have students who come from both China and Hong Kong and I know many listen during their time in the city."

But not all listeners are Chinese says June, "We have had letters from English people who seem to like the sort of music we play - what I would call easy listening. But its obviously the sort of music, with a range of artistes, you don't hear elsewhere on radio.''

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