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Profile: Dave Monks

Dave Monks
Dave Monks

The Pool on BBC Radio Merseyside is the on air focal point of Merseyside's vibrant and creative music scene.

Every Sunday (2000 - 2200) Dave Monks hosts a two hour trawl through the very best in cutting edge new releases, interviews with bands and movers and shakers plus live performances every week.

Dave says although The Pool focuses on new music there's something for everyone "On top of new music it's also a chance to hear some Liverpool classics that never get a dusting off in the city that they were created.

"Each week we have a number of regular features including special guests selecting their favourite rock tracks, featured albums, interviews and sessions served up to provide a much needed contribution to the cities musical structure."

Dave says his enthusiasm for local music stretches back over many years, "I was an avid listener of 'Streetlife' on Radio Merseyside, hosted by Jane Buchanen, during the late 80s and this was the impetus for wanting to become involved in Liverpool's vibrant music scene.

"It also ignited my interest in broadcasting and to be hosting a programme during the same time-slot on the station that first captivated me is fantastic.

"Previously I have produced and presented similar types of programmes on various Merseyside radio stations including Crash FM, the latter being a memorable time for me as a young presenter when it was Liverpool's new alternative music station.

"During this time I first met Janice Long who was the brains behind the station. Observing her passion for new music and the way she actively promoted bands was an inspiration.

"In my spare time apart from listening to music and going to gigs my other passion is football. I am a season ticket holder at Goodison Park."

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