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Profile: Wayne Clarke

Wayne Clarke
Wayne Clarke

Wayne Clarke presents Daybreak, BBC Radio Merseyside's weekly religious magazine (Sunday 0600 - 0900).

The first hour of Daybreak brings some Sunday morning music, and then from 0700 there's a lively mix of interviews, music, quizzes and a comprehensive diary of local events.

At 0830 each week there's an "Act of Worship", combining music prayers and thoughts.

Wayne, a Midlander by birth, has lived in his adopted home of Liverpool since 1994.

Wayne's other job is as minister of Dovedale Baptist Church in south Liverpool, which makes his Sunday mornings very busy.

Up at 0430 on a Sunday starting at Radio Merseyside at the crack of dawn, he then rushes off to lead a church service when he's finished on the radio.

The world of entertainment has attracted Wayne since childhood. He traces the appeal back to when he started singing in public at the age of six, since then as well as his radio career he's appeared on University Challenge and other television quiz shows.

Wayne says the most interesting people he's interviewed include a local man celebrating his 100th birthday, another man living with Aids and Fame Academy judges David and Carrie Grant.

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