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Images of life in 1970s Everton


Children portrayed in the images would now be in their 40s

A photographer who captured images of a Liverpool community 35 years ago has returned to the city to trace the stars of his pictures.

Paul Trevor worked on a 1975 project called 'Survival Programmes'.

He spent several months recording family life in Liverpool, capturing a time of upheaval and deprivation as unemployment hit the inner city.

The pictures, many which have never been seen before, will be displayed at a new photography exhibition in 2011.

Paul is now trying to trace the subjects of his pictures, many were children photographed playing in the streets on the edge of the city centre.

Paul Trevor
Paul is tracing children featured in his photographs

"I have fond memories of my time spent recording life in 1975," Paul said.

"Despite initially worrying whether I would be accepted into the community, people were very friendly and happy to be photographed."

Two community days, one in Everton, the other in Toxteth will take place at the end of August where a selection of photographs will be displayed for residents to view.

Children portrayed in the images would now be in their 40s.

"Britain's inner cities were difficult places to live in during that era," Paul recalls of 1975.

"Opportunities to progress in life were extremely limited. There were simply not the jobs for people. Life was hard.

"But it was not all doom and gloom. I found people who were good humoured, cheerful and full of energy."

A selection of the images can be seen on Paul Trevor's Flickr site .

Paul hopes to re-photograph any families he traces in their new homes and communities, "I think it would be fascinating to see what those youngsters did with their lives and find out how they are now.

"It will bring the work I started in 1975 full circle."

For more information on Paul Trevor exhibition and to get in touch with him visit the BBC Inside Out website.




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