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Help your garden birds survive in the snow
Blue tit by Paul Faith/PA

With snow and freezing temperatures still lingering in the north west, the RSPB is appealing for people to spare a thought for local birds.

Garden birds need help to survive as the snow and ice make it difficult for them to find food and water.

The RSPB is urging people to leave kitchen scraps and water supplies outside to ensure wild birds can feed.

Finding enough food to maintain adequate body fat supplies is the greatest test for wild birds in winter.

Daniel Trotman from the RSPB told BBC Radio Merseyside that lots of people throw food away, forgetting that birds can eat it.

robin redbreast

"People might not realise that birds can eat a lot of what is thrown away in households. It makes a really big difference for the birds when food is hard to find.

"Cooked rice, crushed peanuts, dried fruit, bacon rind, pasta and cooked potatoes can all be used.

"If you split the potatoes open before you leave them, it makes it easier for birds to get to the softer insides. Also, soaking bread in water stops the birds from choking."

The RSPB aim to protect wild birds and are asking people to do their part to help.

Daniel continues, "If you live in the city, or you don't have a garden, you can still help by attaching hanging feeders full of black sunflower seed to your window boxes. Even if you are three or four floors up, the birds will find them."

Each year the RSPB undertakes a national survey to see what birds are visiting our gardens. You can take part by joining in The Big Garden Watch, which take places on Saturday 29, and Sunday 30 January 2011.

A recent RSPB bird watch at Parkgate in Cheshire saw herons, Black-headed Gulls, Pink-footed Geese, Little Eyrets, Curlews and a male Hen Harrier all flying locally. Who knows what you might spot in your back garden!

To find out how you can help, or how to get involved with the "Big Garden Birdwatch", visit Merseyside's RSPB website




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