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Endangered bird bred at Chester zoo
Wrinkled Hornbill
The Wrinkled Hornbill originates in South East Asia

A rare Wrinkled Hornbill has arrived in the Tropical Realm at Chester Zoo after spending 100 days in its nest.

The bird was sealed into the chamber of a tree trunk by its mother until it hatched two days before Christmas.

Since emerging from the nest, the zoo keepers have tried to give the bird as much peace and quiet as possible.

The endangered bird is the first of its kind to be born into the zoo for several years and originates from South East Asia.

Chester Zoo's Curator of Birds, Andrew Owen said,

"Once she had been in the nest a week or so we predicted that she had laid eggs, or at least one egg, and then we deduced from there how long it would be before it hatched.

"The female had sealed herself into the chamber to stop snakes coming in. They were depending on the male to get food through a narrow slit in the nest.

"The keepers were extremely happy and excited because this is the first and only Hornbill we have bred this year.

"We're very happy about seeing a new arrival in the bird section."

Chester Zoo also work alongside Wrinkled Hornbills in their native homelands too.

"One thing that people are not always aware of is the conservation work we do at Chester Zoo. Not only do we work with the species in captivity, but we also support the species in the wild."

The new arrival will be staying at Chester Zoo for a year before it is moved to another Zoo as part of a breeding program.

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