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Capturing adverts of the past
Photo by Caroline and Phil Bunford
Launderette Ghost Sign, Broadgreen Road, Old Swan, Liverpool.

We walk past them every day, they are larger than life and an insight into our past.

Known as 'ghost signs', because of their faded appearance, old painted adverts are glimpse into a time of local dairies, bakers and laundries.

Liverpool photographer Caroline Bunford has recognised their cultural importance and has been capturing their images before they disappear forever.

Caroline has captured over 100 images of signs in and around Liverpool.

"It's amazing just how many there are once you start to look for them", says Caroline,

"The destruction and demolition of so many beautiful buildings and areas within the city inspired me to capture as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Caroline started taking photographs of building five years ago whilst working at the Liverpool Architecture and Design Trust.

Blackledges Crust Bread, Ronald St, Liverpool. By Caroline and Phil Bunford
Blackledges Crust Bread, Ronald St, Liverpool.

Capturing images old buildings sparked her interest in the adverts and branding signs of by gone times.

After a search on the internet Caroline discovered a group on the photo sharing website Flickr dedicated to cataloguing 'ghost signs'.

She joined forces with her husband Phil to capture Liverpool signs, and now has an extensive collection on her own Flickr page.

"My favourite Liverpool ghost sign is the 'Blackledges Bread' sign in Ronald Street.

"Half of it has actually disappeared, and so it took some research to actually find out the full name of the company.

"Blackledges were a Bootle based bakery company that had many shops around the city for many years.

"I also really like the many 'Cow Keeper' and 'Dairy 'ghost signs' in Liverpool, which hark back to when there was a small dairy on nearly every main road."

The Flickr group which sparked Caroline's interest in the subject has now collaborated with the History of Advertising Trust, whom are creating a digital archive of all of the 'ghost signs' for posterity.

This archive will be officially launched in March 2010.

Caroline and Phil are also planning a book showcasing the best of their Liverpool street photography.

To view Caroline's online collection of Liverpool Ghost Signs visit Flickr: Caroline and Phil Bunford.

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