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Artists global trek to Liverpool's Canadian namesake
Simon Faithfull at Lime Street
Simon Faithfull has created images of his three thousand mile journey

A journey to Liverpool's Canadian namesake 3000 miles away has inspired 181 drawings in glass and stone at Lime Street Station.

Artist Simon Faithfull travelled by container ship from Liverpool, UK to Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

The drawings he created are sandblasted in to pavements and etched in glass as part of the new Lime Street Gateway.

The Canadian Liverpool, with a population of just over 3000, also sits on a river called Mersey.

"The beginning of the journey is told through drawings sandblasted in the stone and then the end of the journey is sandblasted in to the glass of the railway arches that have been opened up," Simon told BBC Radio Merseyside

"When you arrive at Liverpool Lime Street station you'll look out through drawings, some of which were made in this other Liverpool on another continent on the banks of another Mersey.

Lime Street art
One of the images by Simon Faithfull at Lime Street

"It's been a long process, it's been four years, so it's great to see it, not quite finished, but almost finished."

Simon started his journey in 2008 and the first set of drawings were inspired by his experiences before he departed for Canada.

"I spent a week waiting for the container ship to come to Liverpool, so whilst I was here I was kind of wandering around Liverpool," he explained.

"I was sort of a silent spy, sitting in cafes, just watching and making very quick sketches of just some of the people I saw.

"I think my absolute favourite is one of a woman whispering into the ear of her little dog."

Liverpool, Nova Scotia was established by New England Planters in 1759, like it's English counterpart the town's economy was built on shipping which has declined and the town is now looking to tourism to improve its fortunes.

While in Canada Simon sent back mementos of his journey to people on Merseyside, "The journey was two years ago now, it was the summer of 2008 and when I got finally to the other Liverpool in Nova Scotia I'd taken the Liverpool telephone book with me," he said.

"I used the only little copy shop in Liverpool Nova Scotia and made 181 postcards of each of the drawings I made and then I just picked random people out of the Liverpool telephone book and sent them this postcard - didn't really explain it at all.

"It just had the image on one side and on the other side it said 'Liverpool to Liverpool. Wish you where here. Simon Faithfull.'

"There are 181 people around Liverpool who will have received these, probably most of them went straight in the bin."

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