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Morrissey on other side of camera
David Morrissey
Don't Worry About Me is David Morrissey's directorial debut

Liverpool actor David Morrissey has been recalling his first steps in acting on a 1980s scheme in Merseyside.

Morrissey was launching his directorial debut with the film Don't Worry About Me at Liverpool's Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT).

The FACT premiere was in support of charity Clapperboard.

"It's a great charity which helps young people make their own films and it brings the film world to them," Morrissey told BBC Radio Merseyside.

"It's a great introduction for them in to the film world."

The Kensington born star's first foray in to film making was during the recession of the 1980s, when the Conservative government set up schemes to train young people to prepare them for work.

"It was supposed to be like apprenticeships, but it wasn't really," Morrissey remembers.

"I was part of this place called The Rathbone Theatre Workshop, which was part of a government job scheme.

"You got £23.50 a week and it took you off the dole, it was like a working scheme, but it only lasted a year."

"Part of the process was we made Super 8 films, I got introduced to a whole set of films to watch, European cinema, great Russian films - things that I'd never usually see.

"We'd go to places like youth clubs and schools and we would work with kids.

"The first day they would write a script, then they would choose what scripts they were going to do and then for the rest of the week we would just film it and everyone would have a go at acting and camera work.

"It was a really informative time for me."

Don't Worry About Me is an 80 minute film which follows the story of a one night stand in Liverpool, which goes wrong. The film will be screened by the BBC in early 2010.

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