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Presenter profile: Alan Stennett

Alan Stennett
Alan Stennett has been with BBC Radio Lincolnshire since it first went on air

Alan brings you up to date with the farming world each Sunday morning at 7am.

Email alan.stennett@bbc.co.uk

Meet Alan

Before arriving at BBC Radio Lincolnshire, Alan Stennett had already spent ten years working for the BBC's External Services as a technician, studio manager and script writer in Bush House in London and a further seven as their representative in Wales.

The son of a Lincolnshire farmer, he returned to the county to help get BBC Radio Lincolnshire on the air and he enjoyed the experience so much he stayed on, rather than returning to a job in London.

Over his time as staff, he has carried the titles of Education Producer, Outside Broadcast Producer, Music Producer and whatever else seemed needed at the time, and claims to have presented every programme on the station except religion and 'yoof' shows.

Highlights of his time broadcasting in Lincolnshire include a series of BBC Radio Lincolnshire Farm Open Days, which he believes helped the broader county community understand farming better. He also produced the Boothby Graffoe show and reported on the US Presidential election of 1988 while on a scholarship to study the image of farming in America.

He left his staff job to go freelance in 1994, and works as a farming journalist, editor of an on-line farming news service and the voice of a series of video and DVD productions on local history, vintage farming and county events while continuing to report on agriculture for BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

Alan lives with his wife, Sue, at the old Woodhall Junction railway station near Woodhall Spa.



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