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Flooding exercise on county coast

Damage in Sutton on Sea after the 1953 floods
Damage in Sutton on Sea after the 1953 floods

There are preparations for a big exercise coming up in Lincolnshire which will test how to deal with the threat of a major flooding emergency.

The scenario is that the county's coast is expecting major flooding from the sea. The exercise, happening in March, is to test how the authorities deal with a big emergency. It is called Operation Watermark and involves many different organisations.

Ian Reeves from Lincolnshire's emergency planning unit explained: "It's a very complex operation. The exercise is taking place between the 7th and 11th of March and then debriefing the exercise on the fifth day."

"The scenario here in the county will be based on a breach in the sea defences at Sutton on Sea. That's not to say that Sutton on Sea is at risk more than anywhere else on the coastline."

"Organisations taking part in the exercise range from the local authorities, emergency services, volunteers, the army, the RAF, Anglian Water, the Environment Agency. So many different agencies are involved and bringing equipment to not only test but to participate as well."

Volunteers to test flood defences
24 Nov 10 |  People & Places


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