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Life Savers, help save 100 lives in Lincolnshire

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Get involved in the BBC Lincolnshire Life Savers campaign and make a real difference in your community

Life savers
Stephen Hyde, LIVES Marketing and fundraising officer
This is an amazing opportunity to increase the number of responders in Lincolnshire and more responders means more lives saved.
Stephen Hyde

Life Savers latest

The latest figures are in from our Life Savers campaign…. our target is to find 400 new LIVES First Responders and we've now received 122 applications from people who want to join up. Of those, 29 have now passed their training and have "gone live". If we can find 400 new First Responders, 100 lives will be saved in Lincolnshire every year, so if you know anyone who could do it, let them know, and help us reach our target.

Email: lifesavers@bbc.co.uk

Lincolnshire pledges support to Life Savers

Oldrids and Downtown stores are supporting Life Savers by encouraging their staff to take up advanced first aid training. They're being encouraged to take part in "bystander CPR" training and then to train to become LIVES First Responders.

More than six hundred staff are employed at the four stores in Boston and Grantham. They come into contact with thousands of members of the public every day.

As well as learning first aid skills, staff voted to adopt LIVES as the company's charity of the year, and have set a target of raising £10,000.


LIVES stands for "Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service". It's a registered charity (no. 1098364) which works with the ambulance service to provide first response treatment for certain types of medical emergencies.

First Responders are based in villages and communities across Lincolnshire. When you call 999 for an ambulance, there's a good chance that it'll be a LIVES First Responder who arrives first.

LIVES First Responders
LIVES First Responders training session
First Responders can often arrive at an incident in under four minutes.
LIVES already save 300 lives in Lincolnshire each year.
Without a LIVES group, the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest is less than 5%.

If you suffer a cardiac arrest or have breathing difficulties, the first few minutes can literally be the difference between life and death.

Because LIVES First Responders are based locally, they can often get to you within 3 or 4 minutes of a 999 call being made. They can then deliver vital care until the ambulance arrives.

LIVES responders already save at least 300 lives in Lincolnshire every year. But, they don't cover the whole county.

Get involved

We want to recruit 400 new volunteer First Responders to help LIVES set up new groups, and cover the whole county. LIVES estimate that this will save at least 100 lives a year.

Be part of it - come along to one of our information days and open evenings to find out more. Check our interactive map using the link below for details of dates and locations:

Google Map of campaign activities

An amazing opportunity

Demonstration by LIVES & Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue

Stephen Hyde, LIVES Marketing and fundraising officer said: " I am absolutely thrilled with the BBC's 'Life Savers' campaign, not only is this an amazing opportunity to let Lincolnshire understand what it is that LIVES does, but undoubtedly people will join us after listening, and they will go on to save lives within their communities.

"This is an amazing opportunity to increase the number of responders in Lincolnshire and more responders means more lives saved. Currently we have around 600 Responders who between them save around 300 Lincolnshire people a year. With an additional 400 responders we have the potential to save at least another 100 lives a year."

The 'Life Savers' campaign will definitely do 'what it says an the tin'. As people join LIVES having heard how important a First Responder Group is for their village or town, they will go on to save lives within their communities.

A campaign such as 'Life Savers' will mean more Responders and more Responders means more lives saved.

Useful links

LIVES website

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