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Spending Cuts - more pain ahead
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How will Lincolnshire be hit by the spending cuts?

There's hardly a day goes by without talk of public spending cuts, but how will Lincolnshire be hit?

In the past year local authority jobs have been slashed by more than 200 in an effort to balance the books ahead of cuts to the money councils receive from central government.

Many of the jobs have been lost by people simply not being replaced when they've left a post.

But around 50 redundancies have already been made.

In education, six schools in Lincolnshire have had their share of a £70 million-plus package for new buildings and refurbishments scrapped.

They include the Haven High Technology College in Boston, the John Spendluffe Technology College in Alford, the Gleed Girls' and Boys' schools in Spalding, with the George Farmer Technology College in Holbeach still under review.

Tourist information office in Lincoln High Street
The tourist information office in Lincoln High Street closed in 2009

Elsewhere, two tourist information centres in Lincolnshire have shut (one in Sleaford and one in Lincoln) while Boston's Haven gallery and exhibition centre is facing closure only five years after it opened.

Some public toilet facilities in East Lindsey are also under threat, although it's hoped they might be transferred to parish councils or community groups in some cases.

There are also concerns that long-term plans for the building of thousands of homes in some parts of Lincolnshire might have to be scaled back over future funding concerns.

In the shorter-term, so-called "kick-start" funding previously allocated to five construction projects in the county is also now under review.

Lincolnshire Police attending an incident
Lincolnshire police will have its budget cut by 1 million this year

Lincolnshire police will have its budget cut by £1 million this year. The Lincolnshire Police Authority says it had been anticipating a cut, so will be able to absorb it this without having an impact on frontline policing.

But future police funding is unclear. The chairman of the authority, Coun Barry Young, said: "Let's be honest about it, let's be frank, there's no question that further cuts are coming, and at that point things will begin to bite."

A defence spending review is also underway nationally. Some experts believe Lincolnshire RAF stations, such as Coningsby and Waddington, are well-placed to be protected in the review given the national importance of their current operations.

Jobs cuts - council by council

BBC Lincolnshire has surveyed local councils to see how their staffing levels are changing as they look to cope with expected cuts in funding from central government. Below are the results - some figures are for full-time equivalent staff numbers, others for the actual number of people.

Lincolnshire County Council

2009: 5,313 (non-schools staff)

2010: 5,236

Change - 77

(Figures are for full-time equivalents)

Redundancies: 6

Boston Borough Council

2009: 256

2010: 242

Change: - 14

(Figures are for full-time equivalents)

Redundancies: 7

City of Lincoln Council

2009: 830

2010: 786

Change: - 44

Redundancies: 16

East Lindsey District Council

2009: 748

2010: 747

Change - 1

(Figures are headcount, not full-time equivalent)

Redundancies: 13

Note: East Lindsey's staff numbers include 37 staff who were recruited for the opening of the Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth.

North Kesteven District Council

2009: 369

2010: 372

Change: + 3

(Figures are full-time equivalent)

Redundancies: 1

NOTE: North Kesteven has gained some staff members from West Lindsey and City of Lincoln councils as part of a new joint planning unit between the three authorities.

South Holland District Council

South Holland has so far not supplied latest figures to BBC Lincolnshire.

South Kesteven District Council

2009: 730

2010: 689

Change: - 41

(Figures are headcount, not full-time equivalent)

Redundancies: 1

West Lindsey District Council

2009: 338

2010: 304

Change: - 34

Redundancies: 5


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