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UFOs: Lincolnshire's X Files revealed
Have UFOs been seen in Lincolnshire?

Police in Skegness and Boston spotted a UFO in the sky in October 1996, the Ministry of Defence has revealed.

The latest release of government 'x files' show police and coastguard officers saw strange lights above the North Sea on October 5.

At the same time, RAF staff saw an unexplained blip on their radar over Boston.

The blip has been rationalised, but the lights have been harder to explain away.

The RAF said the blip on the radar was caused by the spire at Boston Stump, and has always caused this anomaly on the radar.

But the lights over the sea were harder to explain. A report says the lights were seen from three different locations, and no aircraft were detected on any radars.

It has been attributed to a 'distant celestial source'.

One of the police officers who saw the lights managed to capture them on film.

The findings prompted BBC Lincolnshire's breakfast host Rod Whiting to ask listeners if they have ever seen a UFO - and the results were mixed between the believers and the sceptics.

One woman reported seeing a triangular aircraft flying very low, with no lights and making no noise, and a man told us he has seen strange lights rising over Lincoln Cathedral.

Tell us about your UFO experiences in Lincolnshire: Email BBC Lincolnshire: Your UFO Experiences

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