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Signs of spring appearing later?


The Lincolnshire based Woodland Trust have said that we're having to wait longer this year for the first signs of spring.

This is because of the harsh winter which has led to early signs of spring, from snowdrops to frogspawn, appearing later than normal this year, and is based on sightings by the public.

Chris Hickman is from the Woodland Trust: "Because December was so cold the normal sightings of early spring like snowdrops, hazel flowers and frogspawn are appearing slightly later than you might think. What we need to find is where are they appearing and when."

"The Woodland Trust has started a new website called 'visit woods' and we want people to go out and help us see these sightings."

"We've only had a quarter of the records for the initial signs of spring, like snowdrops, in this year compared to last year so it certainly suggests that the cold December has had an effect."

"We have a project called 'nature's calendar' which has been running for many years now. Members of the public tell us what they see and when they see it. We record all their sightings and we've received thousands with all of these actually contributing to proper hardcore science."

"Without people's records we can't work out the averages. It helps us see what is happening to the climate year on year and how it's changing."

To help with the Woodland Trust's survey have a look at the website:


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