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Hands on History with the Normans in Lincolnshire
Lincoln Cathedral
Get to your Hands on History and take our Norman walk through Lincoln.

There's a lot more to the Normans than the Battle of Hastings: Many of the things they brought with them when they invaded characterise England today.

They weren't even French, if anything they were Vikings, and they believed in taking what they wanted by force.

The BBC Lincolnshire Norman walk is a chance for everyone to experience our local Norman heritage and to understand how it shaped our lives.

So, get to grips with the Normans and take our Norman walk through Lincoln.

Norman Walk

The Norman walk in Lincoln has been devised by David Start, the Director of the Heritage Lincolnshire Trust, to capture the essence of Norman Lincoln.

You can either follow it on your computer, looking at the pictures and listening to the audio commentary, or you can get out in the fresh air and do it for real.


The Jews House in Lincoln
The Jews House at the bottom of Steep Hill is the oldest dwelling house in the country

The walk starts on the High Street at St Peter at Gowts and finishes at the Cathedral. On the way you'll see a Roman tombstone reused in a Norman church, the oldest dwelling house in the country, one of only two castles with two mottes, and be challenged to spot what's left of the Norman Cathedral. The walk is 1.6 miles long and should take you about two hours, but be warned - Steep Hill is very steep.

Audio and fact sheet

You can download the audio as an MP3 file to listen as you take the tour, and print a fact sheet in PDF format using the link below:

Please note that there is an entrance charge at both Lincoln Castle and the Cathedral.

Hands on History

Hands on History, Eric the Norman
There's a lot more to the Normans than the Battle of Hastings

The Norman walk is part of a wider BBC project called Hands on History which aims to engage people with history in lots of new and different ways.

The project will involve coverage on BBC1, BBC2, BBC4 and BBC Lincolnshire, and there are all sorts of exciting things to download from the BBC History website.

Norman Walks
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